Hmmm… so here I am

back in the blogging world 😛 thanks to someone hehe anyways. So exhausted from exams, though I’ve only had 2 so far, but 3 continuous hours of maths is just… 😐 it was alright though, C1 was friggin’ sweet, so easy. C2 was just -_- nevermind

So that was yesterday, my next/last exam is tomorrow, M1. It shouldn’t be too bad, I might fall short of time, but it’s not impossible to get a B 😛 haven’t even done a paper in about a week though. I was too freaked out about C2 -_- and yeah. Gonna have lunch after this, and then head for class, make sure I go through as much of the syllabus as possible. And do a past paper. Then tomorrow I’ll probably go for class just before the exam, for the last minute doubts.

Yeah anyways. Right now I’m listening to, surprising, an emo band called Senses Fail. The album is titled ‘Still Searching’. As much as I hate emo’s and their music, I must admit, it’s awesome! It’s like Simple Plan gone emo though :S But the album got a 4 star rating on AMG so yeah, gotta respect that.

They are sooo much better than the other fags: Panic at the Freak Show, All Out Gay, Dashboard Roadkill, My Chemical Floor-dance, All American Retards, The abUsed -_-

The entire album is listen-able, and there are some songs that are just etched in my mind. The Priest and the Matador is my favourite, it caught my attention immediately, it’s preceded by All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues(typical emo title) which is about him climbing to the top of a building, then Negative Space, an instrumental, is him falling, leads into this, which is him lying on the ground, dying. The lyrics reads as a story, an amazing one, and very well written too. I wish I could tell a story like that in a lyric 😦 My best attempt was ‘The Nutcracker’ hehe

And yeah some of the other good songs would be : Can’t Be Saved, Mason’s Revenge, Sick or Sane, Stretch Your Legs to Coffin Length.

Hmmm so what else… Dad was away for a while, he’s coming back now. Bro’s arriving tonight from Aussy… I wonder if he got me anything :S doubt it -_- He’s been away for like 3 years now 😐 he’s here for my sisters wedding, 27th Jan.

…okay that’s enough for now -_-

you know too much 😛

now leave -_-

…a comment 😛

5 Responses to “One”
  1. Nimra says:

    Good luck with your exams ..
    .. and the wedding. since its gonna be a family affair.

    good one with gay band name calling bit. lol

  2. reeve says:

    i htink i didn’t need to know all thoes family affairs!
    but i like the band names..
    and i’m gona get thoes songs..

  3. St.Fallen says:

    shut up 😛
    okay fine no more family affairs unless they’re funny or worth mentioning 😛

  4. ....dead or alive.... says:

    hehehehe good ol nutcracker:P

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