Family Affairs? I don’t think so -_-

hmmm so my brother’s back from Uni. Everyone’s soooo happy -_- well yeah he’s here after awhile but STILL!

He didn’t even wanna come here 😛 and once he comes he starts flirting with all the girls I talk to :O and one actually likes his FAKE FAKE FAKE (did I mention fake?) australian accent. -_-

ahahahahahah but then another didn’t like him much at all. Hilarious hehehe… hmmm anyways… me going to the beach tomorrow! after a while 🙂 me, my brothers, and my cousin… won’t be indulging in the smokey smokey ’cause my brother will poke his nose in -_-

Gonna go watch the sun drown! hmmm… I went to Avinesh’s (practically my brother) after exams, spent the day and night, did a lot of underage stuff 😛 lol got “pulled over” by jobless cops, they thought Avinesh NareshKumar sounded like an LTTE cader 😛 ahahahahahahahah

hmmm… went to mehnu’s afterwards… watched THE NOTEBOOK… better than A WALK TO REMEMBER -_- I loved the ending 🙂 reminded me of Cyanide Rings…. and yeah that was fun…

I went out for a lil bike ride, had some lines in my head, wrote ’em down, gonna write another conceptual song about a relationship of a very close friend of mine 🙂 which always amuses/entertains/concerns/inspires me hehe

so yeah… look out for that… it’s titled : Beginning of an End

4 Responses to “Family Affairs? I don’t think so -_-”
  1. Munchi says:

    =) i knw d song!

  2. reeve says:

    so yeah…
    the bit about avinesh is funny..
    and i can’t believ i’m actually bored enough to read peoples blogs!

  3. Ahamed Nizar says:

    did alot of under aged stuff??? ….

  4. St.Fallen says:

    smoked drank
    you know the drill LOL

    I didn’t drink though…
    The Bacardi Coke had a weird aftertaste
    the other yellow thing was too strong
    the beer was too frothy -_-

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