Loathing in a sea of loneliness, placid, serene, a place I call “home”. Is it too late? or is it too early? I ask myself whilst staring at the seconds passing by…

Constantly moving, slipping further and further away till another minute’s gone, and then it starts again. The blood rushes, coursing through my veins as I struggle to seize the moment, but I fail.

“Carpe Diem” they say, but my every moment is spent wasted. As every second turns to minutes, every minute turns to hours, every hour turns to days, and on and on it goes until I’m dead.

Is it too late? or is too early? I ask you now hoping you could answer me.

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30 Responses to “Question?”
  1. colorblind says:

    very good poem…so full of deep thought about life that we are wasting not aware of it’s shortness and yet so simple…question that every human ask’s himself-do i have enough time or is it too late…?

  2. ZM says:

    Seize the day because then no time will be wasted. Everything will mean something if you make the most of it. Isn’t that what life is all about?

  3. St.Fallen says:

    you’re supposed to answer the question…
    not ask another question…

    well the whole problem here is that the time SPENT is WASTED
    not necessarily in my own eyes… but in the eyes of others
    what I make the most of… is merely an indulgence of mine in their view
    to them I am just wasting my time on things that will never get me anywhere
    which is probably true… but I don’t see what else there is to seize…


  4. ZM says:

    Sometimes you can’t have everything you want. Life is about compromises. Everyone needs to make them, but not everyone is despondent.

    Time spent, that has a “return” at the end of the day, is not wasted. Whether it makes you feel important, do good for others, or affect the world in a positive way. This is…regardless of what others think.

  5. St.Fallen says:

    tell that to the others

  6. ZM says:

    The person asking this “Question?” needs to compromise somehow, or else they live hopeless.

  7. St.Fallen says:

    you speak as though you don’t know this person or this question 😛
    yeah yeah I get it zoo-lee -_-
    now shoosh
    let the others comment 😛

  8. reeve says:

    i like the whhole dman idea..
    and i like all the questioning in the poem..
    and what does ‘“Carpe Diem”’ mean?

  9. St.Fallen says:

    Seize the Day
    moron -_-

  10. kashmira says:


  11. ....dead or alive.... says:

    change ur attitude abt life
    itz not wat u think it is
    u fail to see it that way coz of the pre-set conception in ur mind
    stop wasting the limited tym we hav and think abt more productive things u can do wid it….

    and most importantly…lifes not abt urself and ur desires….
    let ur unselfish desires take over the better of u
    this wud leave an ever lasting impression u can take wid u even afta life itself

    PS- stop smokin:P

  12. St.Fallen says:

    oh okay
    so from all that I take it that you like the poem…

  13. ....dead or alive.... says:

    lovz it!

  14. Ahamed Nizar says:

    1) you need a new outlook in life
    2) you need to move on its not healthy
    3) i cant tell you to quit but atleast cut down
    4) good poem very deep
    5) i think its too late….. time to move on. 😦

  15. St.Fallen says:

    1) probably true
    2) my health has never concerned me
    3) I know I’m trying
    4) thank you
    5) Hmmm… you’re the only person who understood what the question was actually referring to… 😦

    The others asked… and I didn’t tell them the whole story
    I guess some people are just… in the know.. hehe

  16. Ahamed Nizar says:

    lol are im just good 😛

  17. Munchi says:

    hahaha.. lol.. sry puppy that ws 4 ahamed =)

    well.. i also gt wt he ws tlkin abt *sticks tongue out*
    n *Sigh* puppy.. u knw wt m gna say…

  18. Nadia, the queen of all things lovely, like flowers after rain says:

    is this a poem? i love how you structured it in a sort of stream-of-consciousness, but such a poetic stream-of-consciousness too… it all goes smoothly into the next line, pretty words one right after another. and the theme rings absolutely true in the musical cadence of your words, seize the day! absolut

    war out yo.

  19. Nimra says:

    Its never too late. unless your a loser. which i dont think you are.
    so stop whinning about it and move on.
    slap slap.

  20. St.Fallen says:

    paradox of sorts?

  21. Nimra says:

    ok i shall re comment on this poem again..
    it reminds me of my past as well so it hurts a lil and i know how you feel.
    apart from that i like the way you’ve expressed your sorrowful feelings in

    “Carpe Diem” they say, but my every moment is spent wasted. As every second turns to minutes, every minute turns to hours, every hour turns to days, and on and on it goes until I’m dead.

    if you feel like you ve missed the boat.. let it go.. who knows.. someday if its meant to be .. the boat might come floating back

  22. St.Fallen says:

    “If you’ll be my boat , I’ll be your sea
    A depth of pure blue just to probe curiosity
    Ebbing and flowing and pushed by a breeze
    I live to make you free, I live to make you free

    But you can set sail to the west if you want to
    And past the horizon till I can’t even see you
    Far from here where the beaches are wide
    Just leave me your wake to remember you by”


  23. lil chriz says:

    hehehe itz real nice.. awsum meaning

  24. John says:

    I’m terrible at reading poetry. But, ask yourself what you want in life and go for it. Ignore everyone else who would try to change it. A bit simplistic but that would be the road to happiness. If you are doing what you really want to do (and are happy to do) who’s to complain? This is a bit self serving too, but what the hell.

  25. shamika says:

    this shit is awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  26. norwitch says:

    this is awesome dude
    rock on bro \w/

  27. kevinliyanage says:

    It isn’t too late. If you missed what you were entitled to, it will return. There is always a time for everything. Yours will come when the time is right. But until that time arrives make use of the time that you are going to waste and do something worth while through it. If you cannot grasp the moment, just wait until it gets a bit closer. Be patient until that moment arrives. I wouldn’t say anything about your smoking and how much your health is at risk, ’cause that is something you care about in the least or not at all. Just want to say, be patient until the time arrives, grasp the moment when it is moving as close as ever and don’t bother to reach out to it ’cause it will get away from you. & make every moment which you waste something which would make one smile, not frown. & yes, I’m pretty sure this comment will receive another “-_-“.

  28. St.Fallen says:

    shut up 😛
    haha I can’t believe a 14 year old is preaching to me 😛
    actually that’s some pretty good advice 🙂
    especially the bit about grasping the moment…
    never thought about it that way…
    and I think I’m getting over smoking…
    I haven’t had the urge the whole day… so yeah… hmmm…

  29. Damith says:

    Rushing madly only to be too late, Procrastinating only to be too early.
    Seizing the moment is irrelevant if seizing your soul, your very being is not accomplished.

    Erase what you know,
    Erase what you think you know,
    Erase what you feel you are supposed to know

    In its place nourish hope, gently to begin with but that is all it will need.

    You words remind me line from a fav song of mine.

    “Spent some quality time, with the demon of mine
    He said “I like the way you struggle but you know I’m here to win”.

    Your demon is easy enough to decipher but without hope he will win.

  30. I relate. Too much. Grew up to that poem about virgins making the most of time. Can’t seem to do it. Used to. But can’t anymore.

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