Of Analogies, Metaphors & Allegories

We all have this need to have problems don’t we?
“even if people don’t have problems they contrive them” said a friend of mine
Yes, because otherwise things are too simple, too boring.

The problem is when we suppress problems, certain problems that we believe aren’t important OR that we can not resolve.
We try to forget about them or leave them to handle later on in life when we’ve finally found solid ground.
Till then we go on with our lives and introduce new problems.
We solve these relatively comfortably and with relative ease.
However, when a problem arises that we can not solve, we wonder.

We then remember our earlier suppressed problems and wonder…
Is this all connected?
Once again bringing more problems into our lives.
And now we don’t know what to do.
Do we try to resolve the problem at it’s apparent root?
Or do we seek help?
And if we do seek help, how much do we let them know?
Do we have it in us to confront our past, our little house of horrors?
Or do we simply tell them of this problem that just arose, the one that got you into all this thinking, the one that got you digging up what you chose to bury in your backyard, what will you find? How far will you get? Before you fall into the bottomless pit.

That might seem a bit dramatic.
Or maybe not.

So if you do seek help, find it and solve this little problem that popped up, what’s next?
You can drive on along the road of your life, but you can’t ignore the cracks in the driveway, can you?
You see it every time you set off on yet another journey of your ever so adventurous and non-repetitive life.
It’s not like a speed bump, you can always slow down.
It’s not like potholes, you can try to avoid them, you might have to get a little out of your way to do so, but there are always detours and ways of avoiding them. It’s something else, it’s something more.

False Analogy?
Or maybe not.

Maybe it was haunting you all along, you just didn’t notice it.
Subconsciously it was always there & it always will be.
The crack in the mirror, that cold, dark, dismal place.
The root.

What is a root?
It’s a part of a plant. A tree for example.
Trees have branches, roots have branches too.
Trees grow upright usually, and roots?
Trees grow in search of light, and roots?
The former we all see before us in plain view, but the latter?

Underneath there’s so much activity, so much… decay.
The fallen leaves… where do they fall?
Where do they return?
Back into the soil, to be broken down into a simple form.
Nourishing the plant.

The foundation, the growth, the death and the return.
Everything is interconnected & so intricate.
“We’re so close to the tree we don’t see the forest.”
It’s worse than that, all we see is what is above the ground!

So what do we do?
Do we uproot the tree and carefully examine it’s form?
But how far have the roots grown?
How badly do they want to stay underground?
Roots can be stubborn…
Roots are sometimes better left the way they are…
Or maybe not.

9 Responses to “Of Analogies, Metaphors & Allegories”
  1. colorblind says:

    so many questions and still no answer…maybe some things are better to leave unsolved…if i ever find some answers i will let you know but till then:cheers to us and our problems… =)

  2. Ali says:

    Just no.

    Emo’s have problems because their gay.
    Goff’s have problems because their gay.
    Gay’s have problems because people don’t like gays.

    And chav’s have problems because they’d be dead without the safety labels on things.

  3. lady divine says:

    what a great post!
    very thought provoking… and now you’ve got my mind running… and I just got to work!!!! 😀

  4. Aamina says:

    basically people jus need to have problems..problems help em feel more alive …..like sumthins actually goin on in their lives..
    n yess life can be borin without them sumtyms…
    do u ever think anything happy?
    id like to see some sunshine on ur page…….

  5. gutterflower says:

    Some perhaps have more than they should, but people DO need their fair share of problems, not however for an inane desire to make life more interesting. But because at the end of the day, as cliched as it sounds, its what makes us stronger.

    I’ve got a challenge for you BTW.
    You’re a really great writer.
    I dare you to write something happy.


    What say you?

  6. gutterflower says:

    Just saw the earlier comments. Looks like I’m not alone in my request. 🙂

  7. St.Fallen says:

    Yes, it does make us stronger.
    Like comparing something like moving on to shedding leaves o.O
    The fallen leaves return to the soil and nourish the tree…
    What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger 😀
    And about the challenge…
    I shall think about it 🙂

  8. Peejay says:

    Just thought I was having a conversation with you!


  9. bendedspoon says:

    could it be that a problem
    is caused by a probing mind
    and its absence
    is the result of a freeing mind
    just echoing my thoughts
    if you don’t mind 🙂

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