Tag… I’m it -_-

I just got tagged by Lady Divine
And now I must mention 10 random things that make me happy
This is going to be fun

  1. fuck… this is harder than I thought it would be 😐
    errr… Headbanging? to loud music… I think that makes me happy
    Playing the guitar/piano even if no one else likes what I’m playing 😛
  2. Talking to people that I can relate to, or people who relate to me… conversations that actually go somewhere 😛
  3. Boo (: Banana 😛 Guppy xD and the one that calls me Linoo -_-
  4. Walking around aimlessly doing nothing…
  5. Watching the sun drown 😀
  6. Write something that someone else can benefit from?
  7. Reading poetry 😀 Interpreting lyrics… I am boring no? 😛
  8. Watching weird movies o.O
  9. Counter Strike 😀
  10. Most of all… wasting time 🙂
    Though most of the above would come under that…
    I enjoy wasting time… 😀

hmmm… that wasn’t THAT hard…
So now I must honour this tag
and so I shall now tag 5 fellow bloggers (:

I tag:
Nefarious of the Nefarious Chronicles (Formerly Queen of the Dark Asylum)
Star Light of Restless Ecstasy
Ahamed Nizar of The Rose Tinted View
Shruthi Mathews of Subclavian
bkladyired of The Shyt That Happens

Have fun -_-

8 Responses to “Tag… I’m it -_-”
  1. ....dead or alive.... says:

    i love you too =)

  2. Dili says:

    Not boring @ all dude. You CS? by any chance you hang around gamer.lk??

  3. Woooo!! Im tagged! :]
    Fankooooo my pwecious! lolz

    And btw, wasting time rocks so totally 😉

    me luvs ya!

  4. Shru says:


    There you go. My first official tag.
    I relate to your number 10, btw 🙂

  5. Munchi says:

    hahahahaha.. I’m There!! =P

    how sweeeet! =D

    I love you!!!! =)

  6. chaarmax says:

    Ah… CS… rem the old days where we used to play at office. for hours on end. Totally gotten out of it after I left the place. What a shame.

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