To Grey

You’re staring at the gray again, my son
You’re clouding up the mirrors, looking for a sign
You’ve got to keep your breath cold
You’ve got to hold on
Or you’ll sink down to the bottomless abyss
Looking for a light in the darkness

Just because you feel numb doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything
Don’t let the crushing cold pull you further down within

You’re staring at the gray again, my friend
Looking through the clouds, trying to find a trend
But it’s not that simple
You’ll only find a little glimpse of the light
You might not notice yet
But you’re staring at the sun

Don’t pull them apart just to get a better view
You know you might not like what you see
“But there’s always something beneath”
Trust me, I have been there before
“But look at what you are now, what have you become?”

I am not afraid of the blinding light
I’ve been here before, I have tired my eyes
Lived in a world of only black & white
Trying to fill the void in but in only pulls me further in – to
Shades of blessed gray
Calming me down
Calling out to me
Wearing me out

But I
I’ve never felt so much
Peace of mind

And I
I feel one & the same with everyone else
But a stranger to myself

Staring at the gray again
Skimming through the the only colours I have ever known
Just to see what I will find
Sick & tired of black & white

Listening to the voices from within
“Keep the smoke out of your eyes
And don’t be afraid of what you’ll find;
There’s something there in the grayscale of your life”

Creative Commons LicenseSome rights reserved. The above work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


The above image is ©2007-2008 ~Ka-ti

6 Responses to “To Grey”
  1. 000colorblind000 says:

    finally i’m the first one to comment… 😀 …hmm…this one is interesting because you can find so much meanings in it…is it about life or simply about gray clouds blocking the sun…? that is one of many things i like about art,one who reads or watches has a freedom to find his own meaning of someone else’s work…

  2. 000colorblind000 says:

    ok…i’m not the first…again… 😦

  3. Munchi says:

    buahahahaha 😛
    Puppy you’re evil for showing me this 😛

  4. Nefarious says:

    IMOOBOO =)
    will you record this for me? plsss

  5. PseudoRandom says:

    I sense hope here. I like 🙂

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