Start. Stop. Repeat?

Start by crawling,
Take your first step – falling,
Learn from your mistakes
The bruises are only temporary
And so is the pain
But the lesson learnt
Will forever remain
And the scars are the less temporary reminders
They will last as long as it takes for the lesson to embed
You can’t easily get rid of them
You can try your best to hide them
But beneath the layers you build up
You will always feel them

Once you’ve got your bearings
And your feet are planted firmly on the ground
Take each step, a concentrated motion,
That with experience has been refined
The ground is not always steady,
Often bumpy and sometimes slippery
But you’ve fallen before and getting back up is almost automatic
When you’re back up on your feet – blink
By now things have changed and you need to re-align yourself
Inhale, exhale.
Walk on.

Look around but don’t be distracted
Keep your eyes open and see
But don’t just see, observe
Observe so you may learn
Also listen, don’t just hear
Listen for there is more than just what you hear
Keep your mind open and think
Think but have sense in your thoughts
For your thoughts are reflected in your actions
Act so that you may not have to look back in regret
At least not just yet.

In you’re wondering what all that was about, well I wrote that bit a few months ago but I never got to posting it since it didn’t apply that well, it applies now as I’ve just made a change in my “academic” path, or whatever you want to call it. Screw A Levels, I can’t be bothered. I’m joining ANC(American) this semester, which starts on the 16th of July, I’ll most likely go into either Journalism or Software Engineering though the Admissions Manager who assessed me suggested I look into Animation over Software Engineering since she thinks I’m “creative”. Interestingly enough I’ve always been told that I’m “talented” and that I misuse it or my talents go to waste. Though rarely has the word “creative” ever come up. Strange.

I’m FINALLY getting my NIC later on today(it’s 3:30 AM at this moment). I managed to piss off the Gramaseveka last year when I applied. When I gave him the forms it was raining, I had gone there walking (it’s only about 2Km away and I walk a lot), and so on the way back he gave me his umbrella and asked me to return it on Monday(I went on Saturday). Monday came and I was too lazy to return it so I thought I’d wait until Thursday (He only works 3 days a week), that didn’t happen either. Then the next Monday he comes by pissed off, grabs the umbrella, mutters something and goes off. Haha.

And I lost the temporary slip thingy that’s issued -.-
Why the fuck couldn’t I have applied for the one-day-service?
So then I didn’t bother with that. Now it turns out that he had sent my application to the District Secretariat who then returned it due to some inadequacies on his behalf (intentional?) and then he sent it back with everything in order and he had received the card in December. I didn’t bother to even check on it.

That guy’s in India now enjoying his 3 month vacation or whatever and I have to go get my card from the guy who’s taking his place for now. Hopefully he has my card. -_-

What have I been up to on the “Creative” side?
Well those of you who follow the blog regularly would have read the Pre-Face post and would probably know that I’m experimenting(that’s the term I’m using for it :P) on some different writing styles and attempting to write a book. It probably won’t be done for like a year. However, I will be posting up the chapters as they’re written and edited. You’ll may track the process on this page.

I’ll also be writing some short stories, probably one every few months or so, or if you’ll are lucky maybe even every month. These will be posted up along with monthly “Update” posts. The first being this one. And every week I’ll try and post a rant or a poem or a song or something. 🙂

I’m working on two songs right now, lyric-wise i.e. Both are untitled, one is based on Donnie Darko (Watch the movie NOW!) the other on Pan’s Labyrinth(Also good, not a personal favourite). I’m also working on composing some guitar riffs to the song To: Grey, I’ll hopefully be able to record it some time soon.

Meanwhile back to the Donnie Darko song. I’ve decided to lay the lyrics onto something I’ve been messing around with on the piano (I’m not much of a pianist), it’s sort of an improvisation of a tune that was running through my head. So I’ll be changing it around to go with the lyrics and probably the other way around as well. (No, I’m not plagiarizing. If that’s the notion you’ve got then re-read this paragraph -.-)

I’m not sure if I should include the lyrics in this post or not, it’s already long enough as it is. But there’s no harm done is there? Oh btw, for those who haven’t noticed, there’s a copyright notice that’s been around for like months now that means that ANY material on this blog, unless it’s linked to a source, belongs to ME.

So here’s Donnie Darko in A 😛

I’ve seen the light fleet from your eyes
I know that evil comes disguised
I’ve looked into your eyes
“A storm is coming” Frank says.

I’ve seen the light fleet from your eyes
I know the pain you feel inside
I’ve seen inside your life
“A storm is coming” Frank says.

Why try to tell me what is right?
Why fool yourself when I’m alright?
You know the truth you’re the one who’s mistaken a pale blue iris for a sea, traded your life just for a dream
I’ve seen this life of yours, just what did you expect?

It’s alright if you can’t sleep tonight
I’ve got it all planned out in my mind
So it’s alright if you can’t sleep tonight
And I promise I won’t bite

I look into your eyes
There’s something there you want to hide
I see behind your lies, it’s just a mirror redefined
The bolts not breaking I’m afraid this lock is meant for picking
Such a shame I’m not a thief but I can always learn the trade

I’ve seen the light fleet from your eyes
It’s time to re-ignite
I know that evil comes disguised
Behind the mirror you hide

Come out, come out, I won’t bite
Let go off all the fear inside
Come out, right out of your shell
And see this life’s more than a lie

I’ve been getting into writing progressive lyrics. It’s more flexible. e.g. To: Grey is meant to be a Progressive Metal song. I hope to get it recorded and uploaded before the end of the “summer”. The above is just what I’ve written so far, the end result is probably going to be quite different.

And now… the first short story I’ve written 🙂
at a WHOPPING 8 pages 😛

So there it is, the monthly update for June. See you’ll next week (:

Saint, Out.

6 Responses to “Start. Stop. Repeat?”
  1. lady divine says:

    Finally a post!!!
    I LOVE Start. stop. repeat! it’s awesome.. I read over and over thrice already!
    as for the song, I need to read it again when i get time…

    as for the grama sevaka’s umbrella incident – I totally believe you! 😛

  2. kashmira says:

    please please become a journalist:) i love readin your stuff.. and please wtire more stories than poems because your storys rock:) i love that one about the abusive boyfriend:P 🙂

  3. 000colorblind000 says:

    hmmm…there’s a lot of things you wrote in this one and there is a lot of thing to write about that…first of all,for everyone who haven’t read mono:DON’T BE A LAZY ASSHOLE,READ THE FUCKING STORY BECAUSE IT’S GOOD…:D…i like the first poem,or is it lyric…?nevermind,I LIKE IT…and i guess i have to watch donnie darko to understand better the other one…anyway,i’m happy for you and hope to hear some new songs soon…

  4. Nefarious says:

    hmm.. for once your bitching about something openly, instead of just sending us in circles with ur songs =D
    THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS has done it again.
    awesome story and i loved mono. and i still think you should major in both.
    it goes along way.

  5. Ahamed Nizar says:

    i thought he was ur brother not ur son 🙂


  6. gutterflower says:

    Was wondering why there were no new posts. Hope everything works out well. Creatively, educationally and otherwise. Off for a class now, will get back and read the short story. 🙂

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