FORMER Kottu/Achcharu reject.

UPDATE 09/07/2008: Well the moment of truth has PASSED… and my blog has been added to Kottu now… AND I AM GRATEFUL!!! I’ve already gotten two comments through kottu -.-   so yeah… NOTE THAT THIS WAS MY 5TH ATTEMPT AT JOINING AND THAT THIS POST WAS A TEST!!! sheesh… talk about skimmers 😛

I’ve tried getting my blog onto these aggregators like 5 times already and it’s so AGGRAVATING!!! Ironically -.- Even hasn’t added me… grr…

So the purpose of this post is to see if I’ve been added onto Achcharu, since it doesn’t have a blogroll unlike Kottu

So here goes 😀

The moment of TRUTH.

..oh and while I’m posting this I might as well put up a pic of my desktop since some others have been doing the same 😀 I keep changing my desktop wallpaper according to my mood… it’s usually something from deviantArt 😛 Right now it’s:


Oh and as you might have observed, I’m a devout Firefox user 😀
And I took part in the Download Day world record setting thingy and here’s my certificate 😀

Firefox World Record Certificate


7 Responses to “FORMER Kottu/Achcharu reject.”
  1. hehe..nice..but i came through kottu though..:)

  2. St.Fallen says:

    yes I know…
    I JUST got added -_-
    only my 5th attempt 😛

  3. um…. Why are you insulting ‘Kottu’ when you’re already on it???? Pretty ungrateful mate….

  4. St.Fallen says:

    acknowledge the edit and READ CAREFULLY.

  5. Ahamed Nizar says:

    haha i got on kottu the first time.
    and i have two blogs on it.


  6. kalusudda says:

    How come they don’t have me? racists! Kalu suddas will prevail. (please ad me Kottu Achcaru! 🙂 ) I s there such achcharu?
    Anyway I came here through Achcharu!

  7. Hi St! good to know some ‘one’ in the blogosphere has noted my absence 🙂 well the reason being final year in uni which has at this point consumed the most part of my life. most of the time i am so exhausted at the end of the day i just hit the sack. the only writing i’ve been doin these days is 3000 word essays!!! so creative sparks have simmered down as of late. hopefully at some point i will be “lit” 😉 again. anyways read ur post- loved it as usual. u’ve added a whole lot more so i’ve got a lot of catching up to do, which i intend on proceeding to now, being a full moon poya night with nothign to do and all. oh and welcome to kottu! belated as it maybe. 😀

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