Stairway to Heaven

It’s time for a weekly update 🙂

Well I got my application to ANC in order, took the placement test, met someone else who was also joining which wasn’t exactly a pleasant surprise… and then while leaving I noticed a guitar o.O

And then I looked at the person holding it… and it was a friend of mine 😀
So after a few minutes of small talk I asked him for the guitar and ended up playing on the staircase 😛

Anyway… been listening to a lot of metal recently… along with a lot of adult alternative as well… strange combination I know 😛

Here are some album recommendations:

Trash Metal : Testament’s  The Foundation of Damnation
Death Metal : Entombed’s Morning Star   and   Wolverine Blues
Melodic Death Metal : Dark Tranquillity’s Fiction   and   In Flames’ Clayman
Progressive Metal : Ayreon’s 01011001, Meshuggah’s ObZen and Destroy Erase Improve, Mastodon’s Blood Mountain xD
Metalcore : As I Lay Dying’s An Ocean Between Us

and for the non-metalheads, or those who listen to the lighter stuff:

Chantal Kreviazuk’s Under These Rocks and Stones
Nick Drakes’ Pink Moon and Five Leaves Left
Alanis Morrissette’s MTV Unplugged
Iron & Wine’s Our Endless Numbered Days
The Perishers’ Let There Be Morning


I was listening to Stairway to Heaven when I started typing this… this post has nothing to do with the song 😛

I don’t have much to say…
There’s been a few lines floating in my head for a while now… probably resulting from me thinking about something a little too much, or maybe too little… I don’t want to go into it yet… so I’ll just end this post with a few lines:

I want to thank you for saving me
When there was no one else
And I want to thank you for being there
When I could barely think for myself
And I know that things will always change
And no one ever stays the same
But I want to thank you for being what you were to me

4 Responses to “Stairway to Heaven”
  1. 000colorblind000 says:

    hmm…i don’t have much to comment,so i’ll just write this:i like a few last lines… =) …

  2. 000colorblind000 says:

    wow,finally i’m the first one… =p …

  3. Nefarious says:

    weekly update eh? =D

  4. Stairway has to be the best song ever written, period. As long as Led is playing it.

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