Thursday Afternoon

The chocolate melts up on my palette
Enters my tongue – salivation
Washing over to the tip of my tongue
I’ve bit my lip too many times
Gushing down my throat the ‘menty’ coke
Pulling all the flavours to the bottom of my sole

I feel it in my veins
My souls rushing through my body my mind and my soul
Through the arteries of my black heart
Renewing my blood and painting it red

Throwing conversation of truth, guilt and hate
Coughing up denials, scoffing one’s desires
That were burning through their souls, slipping through their pores

Pouring down sweat, I’m already wet
Pulling off the covers that have built
Burning through my new skin
Pins in to my eyes, tingling off my ears

Looking through through the faces, all aligned – impatient
I wish I’d swish right through the air
The wind blows through my hairs, I feel it in the air

Feel it in the air, flooding in your eyes division of sun light
Perched on a crescent moon, the son in it’s daughters tomb
You’re smothering me with your immoral speech
Nerving me on my knees I beg and plead for some more
Come on gimme some more!

Creative Commons LicenseSome rights reserved. The above work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


Now you know how they do it 😛

6 Responses to “Thursday Afternoon”
  1. lady divine says:

    Damn saint! you just keep getting better… Did you try it before writing? 😛
    either way… it’s written sooooooooo well that one can almost get the experience reading this..;)

  2. reeve says:

    you need rehab mate…


  3. St.Fallen says:

    you never see the care bears taking a break -.-

  4. Peejay says:

    Was it the poem that maked my palm so itchyright now.
    Yes I think so.


  5. Lankan Lycan says:

    Good shit allthough its nothing like it when you smoke it…

    All hail The Herb!!

  6. Nefarious says:

    hmm. i disagree with you on the carebears. but i love the poem.

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