Introducing… Talk Chalk!

I’ve always had this retarded side of me 😛
But recently I decided to combine the presence of Photoshop on my PC with the stupid thoughts in my head… and the result?

Talk Chalk

Eight sticks of chalk, each of a different colour, with their own individual character of course, and also their own individual retarded emoticon face


Talk Chalk 4

The pink one is practically smurfette, blue(or cyan) is the stoner, the red guy just seems retarded, the purple one’s the ever-so-confused type, the black one’s got a sardonic sense of humour, and the cute little yellow and green one’s are quintessentially Spongebob and Patrick (they’re gay) -.-

Talk Chalk 6

And the strip is basically about their quest to find life’s true meaning.

talk chalk 10

“I’m made of chalk, he’s made of chalk, you’re made of chalk; we’re all in this together” ^.^

Are you made of chalk? o.O

Click on the link to check out Talk ChalkCreative Commons License

14 Responses to “Introducing… Talk Chalk!”
  1. Meg says:

    Enter sandman!!! 😀 Rock on!

  2. kalusudda says:


  3. Cool concept.Really, what if God smoked cannibals! lol

  4. St.Fallen says:

    for those who didn’t know
    “What if God smoked cannabis” comes from a parody of What If God Was One Of Us by Joan Osborne… hence the musical thingies in the background
    so yeah

  5. the exams we have never end. it’s called continuous assesment system so we have some kind of evaluation pretty much every month!!! anyways felt like writing hence the recent posts. hey thanks for reading and bothering to comment. means a lot. 🙂

  6. lady divine says:

    finally it’s up…:)
    very interesting..:D

  7. DeeCee says:

    I luv it so much!!! more more more pleaase!

  8. Nefarious says:

    you finally posted it. =D

  9. Whackster says:

    allright! lets see more of the chalkworld man.. your def made of talk lol

  10. Chocky :) says:

    haha 🙂 i likeeee!
    mostly the “what is god smoked cannabis” one!

  11. YAY! Its finally happening!! 🙂

    Im a big fan 😛

  12. Hey! Great stuff. +1 tnks 🙂 Visit my blog too.

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