An Ocean In Your Eyes

Come closer
Let me lift you high above
And be the shoulder that you cry upon

When you open your eyes and unleash your demise
Just know that your tears they fall on me
Could you open your eyes and see that this life
Has so much more in store for you

So smile away all your tears
And laugh in the face of your fears
Once your alright and you’re feeling fine
Come along, lay down here with me

You’ve been floating for so very long
It’s time to sink down
Get some water in your lungs
In an ocean of fears, let out your tears
And swim in your pain

Dead leaves lay on the ground where I found you
Feet planted deep down below
So uproot yourself and let the wind carry you off
To where you ought to be

Closer, closer
Come on, high above
Let your laughter drown the screams
Look down at your sea of broken dreams and open seams
And smile cause what is left is what is real
You are all that is real.

Creative Commons LicenseSome rights reserved. The above work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


The above image is ©2004-2008 `SeaFairy

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20 Responses to “An Ocean In Your Eyes”
  1. Munchi says:

    “In an ocean of fears, let out your tears
    And swim in your pain”

    ur absolutely fantastic u knw 🙂

  2. kashmira says:

    You no i always love your poems imaad:)
    they’re awesome,and this,its amazing.
    my fav quote- “So smile away all your tears”
    I LOVE the picture you’ve put,of the sea fairy i think:S
    beanie helped you choose it? well she rocks:)
    and where do you get them from?
    x kashi

    p.s-keep writing,i love em;)

  3. St.Fallen says:

    click on the picture and it’ll take you to the original page (:

  4. Sharanya says:

    wowies!! me liked alot….love u’re poems men….ever considered writting song lyrics?

  5. esXee says:

    its beautiful…. 🙂
    u r really talented….

  6. Peejay says:

    Is there a syrup of some sweet kind to drink called ‘Maynard’….


  7. wyt boy slim says:

    “So smile away all your tears
    And laugh in the face of your fears”
    fucking beutiful verses maan,.,..,.GOOD solid writing,.,..

  8. Rainbow ;) says:

    Your writing is amazing Imaad.. as always 🙂
    I love this poem! Very moving.

  9. Chocky :) says:

    i LOVE it

  10. bigsoggy says:

    An ocean washed my ass clean

  11. oh I like this one. wish there was someone to actually say this to me considering how much I relate to who you seem to be talking to in this.

    Also, yes. You’re totally worth reading. Haven’t updated that tab in a while. When I do, rest assured, you will be there

  12. reeve says:

    i see no connection bewtween the poem and myself.
    now GIVE me chapter three!

  13. lady divine says:

    congrats on the count!!!! 🙂
    and great poem… plus an awesome pic to compliment it..:)


  14. kashmira says:

    i want chapter three of orbit.. i love it
    imaad,i want it now now now:)

  15. Shaheen says:

    boo 😛


    An Ocean In Your Eyes..
    this is my favorite song ever:) i love love loove the lyrics:)
    i don’t really have a favorite verse because i like them all, but this one in particular just makes me smile
    So smile away all your tears
    And laugh in the face of your fears
    Once your alright and you’re feeling fine
    Come along, lay down here with me

    ohh and i like the picture 😛 hehe love you!

  16. Shru says:

    very nice. And yes, whoever you’re writing this to, lucky her. must be nice to have someone write about you that way!

  17. sara says:

    wow! ur so creative !
    and i love the pic, its sexy man!..x

  18. Stiffy La'Beef says:

    This is so buttfucking dumb

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