The Demo.

Yes that’s right. I’ve decided to send in a demo for Onstage this year (:
The Missing Sandwich chose The Nutcracker so I spent the whole of yesterday working on the song, and I recorded it!
You can listen to it at:
And I also recorded Cyanide Rings once again, since that’s everyone’s favourite…

So now, here’s where you come in. I need you to go to that site and listen to both The Nutcracker (TNL Onstage Demo) and Cyanide Rings (Acoustic Demo) and tell me which one I should send in to TNL.

Sounds easy enough yeah?
And also once you’ve chosen if you have any tips to give me on how I could improve the sound that would be awesome (:
Thanks in advance.

14 Responses to “The Demo.”
  1. lalaloveslulu says:

    the nutcracker 🙂

  2. Cammy says:

    very very hard decision. sorry imaad, i cant help. i like both 🙂

  3. MiddleChild says:

    WOW. erm, hope you don’t mind me pointing out, you need a minimum of 2 songs in ur demo CD 😀

    btw, I like them both too !

  4. Nefarious says:

    gotta agree with cammy there. . you have to 2 songs anw. send BOTH.

  5. Well i know i said the Nutcracker was great but Cyanide Rings sounds even better! follow your igut feeling mate they’re both great tracks 🙂

  6. sorry typo dr. GUT feeling

  7. Cara says:

    Cyanide Rings is not completed yet, but will come as a hit, once you finish it *smile

    Take The Nutcracker – it kills right away.
    Good luck!

  8. St.Fallen says:

    two songs?

    haha that’s awesome!
    I actually wanted to have four in my demo (:
    So I shall send them both in then
    Thank you all! 😀

    Wish me luck >.<

  9. nifraz says:

    ok then good luck

  10. Beena says:

    fuck me dead, i just heard you sing on voice chat.

    you’re good

  11. mahen says:

    A little piece of advice…

    When writing a song, you need to incorporate a good hook into the song. Something people can catch on to.

    I listened to ‘nutcracker’ and found a hook nowhere in sight. It just rumbled on…

    The song can be simple yet wonderful if the melody can get someone hooked.

    Playing 3 or 4 chords and trying to cringe like kurt cobain isn’t the solution. You need to have your own voice and own identity.

    Just a thought if you plan to continue writing songs. Good luck

  12. noorie says:

    I adore Nutcracker.

    I think its hook-y and v depressing. Made me tear up for a second there.

  13. noorie says:

    The lyrics are so awesomely depressing.

    Go you!

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