Net Tranny

For those not familiar with Net Nanny, it’s a parental control program. You see lately my father thinks I’ve lost my touch with the accepted norms of society (took you a while to figure that out eh?), me being the anti-social and all, and after having told my aunt, his sister, to have an open fucking mind, yes I included the magical sentence enhancer (:    … he got… worried?

So then he installed this piece o shit program, that does nothing but block out some of the blogs I visit! (no, I’m not talking about the blog that talks about sex, hehe although I do drop by there from time to time hehe) but even normal blogs like Lady Divine! How gay is that? -.-

The first time he installed it he left to the East, where he works, so I took the liberty of restoring my PC back to the previous day, Before Net Nanny, and everything was fine 😀

But then!
He was getting back!
And I needed to get the program back, so I thought, it’s a simple matter of restoring to After Net Nanny, but noooooooooooo!
Microsoft had to be gay enough to disable access to restore points from a previous month -_-

For those not familiar with a restore point, it’s basically a point of your computer’s existence to which you can revert to incase all hell breaks loose (:

So then I had to re-install the motherfucking thing! (miss nanny is now going to block my blog for swearing -.- ) So I created my own account and installed it (Dad was still on trial anyway) and to my luck it used the settings that were already in the program folder

The only good feature in the whole thing -_-
So now this stupid piece o shit filters out porno, hate/violence, gambling, drugs/alcohol, intimate apparel(wtf?), Proxy (Doh!), illegal activities( eh? ), Adult/Mature (how is this a different category to porno? ) and yeah that’s about it…


So that’s what nanny looks like… but you see…
I’m known to quite a lot of my friends as a comp whiz, known to one of my close friends (practically a brother) as “PC Doctor” 😛
So when my PC’s sick, I fucking heal it -_-
hehe so I went to and got one of my old pals back on this bitch!

AK Programs’ Actual KeyLogger!


So I enabled this knowing fully well that my Nosy ass dad would be checking on the program some time along the week, and he did, and muahahahahaha I got his fucking password, you can see it up there, next to the bit I’ve sprayed out. I’m sorry I had to spray out my dad’s email, in case one of you self righteous bastards tries to inform him of his sons recent escapades, get it Escape Aids xD

Lame, I know.

So now, free of the stupid motherfucking WHORE! that is Net Nanny, I am basking in all my glory listening to the soothing sounds of Emiliana Torrini (:

Woo Hoo!

I am God of this PC.

Don’t mess -_-

10 Responses to “Net Tranny”
  1. timeseye says:

    ok…how old are u?:-)

  2. Are you really?!

    And the last few sentences remind me of that clip in Mean Girls where that Asian guy is like “How do you like me now?!” 😀

  3. St.Fallen says:

    I haven’t seen that movie
    or that part
    and I don’t want to -.-

    Yesh, I am seventeen (:
    Why would you think otherwise? 😛
    do I seriously seem older =/
    haha followers of the blog from its humble beginnings will know how old I am (:
    Look for the post “Chapter One The Early Years” hehe

  4. lady divine says:

    it blocked MY BLOG???? how dare that nanny do that??!?!?!?!?!?!!? hmpf!
    I’m just glad you found a way around it! 😀

  5. Dylan` says:

    “yes I included the magical sentence enhancer (:”
    aaahahaa…loved that line.
    I like this sorta entries…U should do more of em,I for one think there fucking A…
    Net nanny….

  6. gutterflower says:

    btw, is your blog blocked as well?

  7. St.Fallen says:

    finally you comment!
    yes actually, it’s been blocked probably because of this post 😛
    but it’s disabled now so no worries (:

  8. Prageeth Thoradeniya says:

    Headshot mate. Headshot. 😀

  9. reeve says:

    i’m gald my parents don’t know jckshit about computers…

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