The greatest question I have ever faced is not the purpose of life, or why we’re here, or even how we came to be. When I was little it was ‘Why is the sky blue?’. Science soon gave me the answer, blue is the most abundant colour in the spectrum of light. Next it was ‘Why is the ocean blue?’, the answer : it is the reflection of the sky above. But then why is it that sometimes the sea is green? Why is it that things aren’t always as they seem?

These are the questions to which I seek answers. They may not help me as much as those I mentioned first, but they mean something to me though I do not know what. Science has once again given me the answer, it is due to the presence of algae in the sea. These answers science offers are only to questions of oceans, not of life. So my final question still remains unanswered. Yet I will continue to look for the answer. For I believe that when I find the answers everything will become clear to me. I will see the light. I will be enlightened. I will gain purpose to my ever so useless life. And so I seek.

The above image is ©2004-2008 *Zephyri

4 Responses to “Seeker”
  1. Nefarious says:

    seeker. =D nice.
    love the pic too .

  2. noorie says:

    promise you wont tell anyone i told you?

    the sea is blue cos fish pee is blue.

    as for it being green. it gets green when a bunch of fish who have diabetes get together and pee in unison.

    who said the sky is blue?

    on a more serious note. damn you can be really philosophical cant you? you make me think. and i dont like thinking. grrh

  3. me says:

    i knew it was u who commented on my blog, from the tracking thing on my blog…and besides ure one of the people i know who’d ask me to listen to so and so artists, saying i might like them.

    i just have to say thanks i guess…but i really dont need ur advice on who to listen to. i’ll listen to watever i want.

    ive moved on from the past life i’ve lived. none of my ‘friends’ from AIS has been true to me but nads. i really dont need people who led me not to ever trust a ‘friend’ coming into my life again. id appreciate it tht u dont read my blog again…and just keep away.

    good bye

  4. mistress of spice says:

    hi..its R.
    you know me , i not going to give my name cuz im going to be entering the blogosphere shortly..and i like all “mystery”..i have been meaning to for a long time but just never had the time and patience to do yup..i read your posts..
    very interesting..but..
    some questions are meant to be unanswered..i realized that a short while ago..think what life would be like if we knew answers to everythng, or even most things?
    the quest life is what makes it all interesting.. i will write more when (oneday,hopefully) i start blogging..but attention must divert.. is spice itself..

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