Black or White?

Okay I’ve been using the same theme for quite some time now, before I used to change it every month. So this time I’m going to ask you guys to decide. Either the one I’m using right now (Same theme different header image) or the old one or this other one completely different ’cause it’s WHITE! *shudders*

In case you haven’t noticed my posts have been lightening up lately, some say I’m happy, others say I’m in love, not sure which one it is. Maybe I’m happy ’cause I’m in love.


Black Theme


White Theme 

And of course the other option is what you see right now

Notice the white one has no image header, I feel as though the whole atmosphere is gone. I like the new header ’cause it’s more ‘abyss’-ish, hehe. Oh and I changed the quote, which is why I don’t want to use the whirlpool header anymore. It’s from a song by Civil Twilight, check it out on their MySpace, it’s called Human.

12 Responses to “Black or White?”
  1. nefarious says:

    I didnt call you the prince of darkness for nothing.. =D

  2. sach says:

    i love the current one but would be interesting to see how the white one would fit with what you write. i had a time changing my ’emo’ template to something light and happy.

  3. Cara says:

    I saw the white one some hours ago and was about to write and complain…just for the reasons you mention yourself now 😉

    You should keep the dark theme – I wouldn’t have changed it at all, to be honest.

  4. Rukaiya says:


  5. Dylan` says:

    put the old one back.
    this one looks artificial.

  6. lady divine says:

    i prefer the black one… 🙂

  7. gutterflower says:

    Black, dude, black.
    But I’m in my quarterly emo phase so I don’t know if my opinion can be trusted. 🙂

    The earlier header was nicer than this one though.

  8. mistressofspice says:

    black : yes
    white: nope

  9. reeve says:

    i like the white.
    i am aware that i’m by far the only one who says so…

  10. kalusudda says:

    kalu 😉

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