The TNL Onstage Reject.

As anyone who’s been following this blog would know, I sent in a demo for TNL Onstage this year. Well sadly I didn’t get in. I even conducted a poll to see what you guys thought. The results are below:


I guess only 3 of you were right, and the rest are just as disappointed as me. I always disappoint.

Oh well it’s not the end of the world, hopefully those that got in were actually GOOD. They probably are, but anyway, I’m still going to continue recording my songs. I’ll probably release an EP sometime soon (:

This post serves as the Monthly Update for the month of September. What did I do? Well most of it I spent on holiday, just practicing I guess. What a waste of a month 😛

Hopefully October will have something in store for me.

3 Responses to “The TNL Onstage Reject.”
  1. What do you mean you didn’t get in? Did they call and tell you so? Wonder who did the picking this year…. hmmm

  2. St.Fallen says:

    They said the contestants have been informed, I wasn’t informed.
    So yeah.
    Boo Hoo -_-

  3. Awww! Well – I still think you did a fab job! You’re still young. Your time will come dude! *hugs*

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