The Dark Night

The night before I finally got to watch The Dark Knight using the money I collected for Eid. I visit 5 places, when my parents aren’t even around, and I only get money from 1. God Damned Inflation! -_-

The movie was good, I’m sure if I watch it again I’ll love it. Going to download it now, hopefully there’s a good screener copy out. Anyway, on the way back I didn’t realize I still had my cigarette when I got onto the bus. So then I had to get back onto the footboard, almost fell off, and then finished it off there and got back in. First time for everything I guess.

Then whilst walking down the road to my place I ended up pissing behind a Buddha shrine (I have this thing with idol worship), I once, accidentally, pissed on a mosque. Well actually it was a house that also functioned as a mosque, I didn’t realize until later. See you in hell (:

Further down I came across some dogs, I was playing with my matchbox, flicking matches into the air. So I walk up to the dogs and I’m like “Wanna see a trick?” and then I flick it at them. How this works is I press the match down(held vertically) with my thumb and then strike it with a finger. Haha you should’ve seen them run. (:

Oh and after that I heard someone playing the piano, I walked towards the gate and I saw this woman playing. There was another woman lying on the couch and she walked to the gate and was like “Yes?” and I said “Oh nothing I’m just listening”. She then asked me where I live and where I school, she didn’t ask my name though. Weird.

Once I heard enough I gave her an applause and kept walking, after which I came across some more dogs. For some weird reason my matchstick trick wasn’t working, poor dogs. So I ended up having a little monologue with them… Awkward.

Got home, brother was supposed to make dinner… He didn’t -_-
Got online, I was so tired! Went to sleep like soon after… and yeah that’s about it. It was a good day though, especially the latter bits.

Last night I went for a walk at 10 hoping the lady would be playing again. The door was closed, all I heard was conversation. So I sat down on the road, I was on the phone with the Mistress of Spice. I lied down on the road and looked up at the sky, staring at the stars through the leaves of the tree in front of me. Calming. The road is residential so you don’t get very many vehicles at that time. It was perfect.

I think I’m going to do this more often now, tonight I’ll be taking my guitar with me (:      I hope the lady playing the piano’s there, we could like do a duet sorta thing o.O


One Response to “The Dark Night”
  1. Nefarious says:

    you made a new lady friend =D

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