Second semester of ANC is going well. English is easy, our first marked assignment I got the highest mark out of BOTH the classes ^.^  9/10 (highest mark you can get on an essay) bwahahaha

Okay enough with the ego boost, so I had to write an essay today. A narrative based on some crap about Buck Fever, which would appeal to the senses. I had to write another one too, not narrative rather descriptive. That one is going to be counted into my final grade, I will post it later. Now as for this one. Well you know me when it comes to writing. I write as fast as I think, and believe you me, when St.Fallen sits down and thinks… well… things happen, and fast.

So here is it. It’s a narrative of my first experience with the herb (:
I’ll probably expand this into a short story titled “The Trade-Off” or “Tricks of the Trade”

Hover by Imaad Majeed
Hover by Imaad Majeed

Enjoy (:

3 Responses to “Hover”
  1. lady divine says:

    congrats saint!!! 😀

  2. Nefarious says:

    congrats on acing college and shit.
    oh and the essay is a winner =D

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