What is identity and what do you associate it to? A name?

I was having a conversation with Lady Divine yesterday. She was telling me about a blogger who’s now working in her building. She wouldn’t tell me her real name to keep the anonymity, which I find hypocritical since she told me her own name. But anyway. I didn’t really care that I didn’t know her name, because I still knew who she was, at least the little I knew through her blog. That was enough. Knowing her name doesn’t change anything, she is all the same. Not knowing her name makes no difference either. What is a name but a label? It isn’t your identity, is it?

“Name has a LOT to do with identity. It’s like a brand to a product”, was the point Lady Divine had to make. She was a little stressed with work at the time and my reply (laughing at her point) pissed her off as it was rude. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting this. Name is to identity what brand is to a product? I’m sorry, but let’s explore this, shall we? Now let’s take a product – shampoo. And now a brand – Pantene. There are millions of Pantene shampoo bottles manufactured around the world. And they are all exactly the same. So if name is to identity what brand is to product, then all the John’s in this world have the same identity? I guess it was just the stress talking.

In my view name has NOTHING to do with identity. Name CAN be used to identify a group of things, or in some cases a single thing. But does it REALLY make a difference? I could change my name to anything I want yet I don’t change one bit do I? Superstitious people believe your name is chosen for a reason with all sorts of calculations coming in. My name was calculated using numerology. Apparently Mohammed Naoshaad Imaad Majeed is my identity. Is it?

A name is just a label. Identity is who you are. Your name is what you’re called. You share your name with many. You share your identity with none. It is what you have to yourself, how could you associate something as unique and important as that to something as simple as a name? Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe all that numerology stuff is right. Maybe half the people in the world have the wrong name, thereby the wrong identity. Do you really think so though?

I’d like to know what you think. So leave a comment with your views, arguments, opinions etc. The last rant I posted, In Death – Is Life, got some pretty good comments. I’m thankful that my readers are actually discussing things with me and among themselves. That’s the point of blogging isn’t it? Getting the stuff out there and then getting it read, thought about, criticized, replied to, and argued over. So please, don’t hesitate. Whatever you have to say, say it.

9 Responses to “Identity.”
  1. Nefarious says:

    nice way of differentiating the two -name and identity. Identity is personality and i guess with your shampoo theory Pantene is the brand but has many different types of products. like the anti danduff or the smooth and silk. so i guess each product has its personality like each individual has one. i agree that the no person with the same name has the same personality. just like pantene anti dandruff and smooth and silk. =D
    BUT products are named bcos of a personality or what the product is used for, unlike naming a person. we are all named right after birth unknowing to what personality we might hold in the future.
    so there is clearly a major difference.
    this is what i feel. hehe

  2. St.Fallen says:

    well even that doesn’t really cut it ’cause you get thousands of anti-dandruff and smooth and silky shampoo bottles too. That means there would be loads of the same “unique” identities. Think a little deeper into it.

    I agree on your last point (:

  3. lady divine says:

    The real deal here was, I told you I met a blogger and she was really nice. You kept asking what her name was. IF she wanted her name to be known, I highly doubt she would’ve used another name on the blogsphere…

    So when you asked me for her name, I refused to tell you coz it’s not right of me to go around telling who these bloggers are! Deal with it! and you just wouldn’t stop bugging me and tried to say one thing after another to make me tell you her name!

    sigh.. I don’t believe this! and I will NEVER tell you who she is…. you really annoyed me y-day!

    If a blogger wants to say who they really are to a few selected bloggers, it’s their personal choice… and now looking at how it’s going, I hope I didn’t make a mistake by letting you know mine… coz I certainly dont want people knowing me (with few exceptions) and I prefer to stick to LD.

  4. St.Fallen says:

    I only asked you what her name was once
    after which I said I had a feeling it started with an m or n
    I didn’t go on bugging you about her name
    I stressed on the fact that I didn’t care
    I wasn’t using any reverse psychology
    I’m not a woman -.-
    stop making this a bigger deal than it already is

    and you’re right it is her choice, and I respect that.
    And I prefer St.Fallen too (:

  5. lady divine says:

    sigh…. ok
    I can’t believe this happened either.. argh!!

    anyways, forgiven and forgotten St. Fallen..(:

    I can’t stay mad at ppl…. such could be a weakness too…:(

  6. gutterflower says:

    Well, so much for keeping the intern ship under wraps. 🙂

    I think names always go hand in hand with perceptions. And they both differ according to each person. For instance if you acted and behaved in a certain way, the immediate reaction to hearing your name would be,
    a) ‘Oh god, he’s such a slut’
    b) ‘Oh, he’s such an angel’

    Hence, the allusion to a brand, and how people perceive a brand.
    Obviously, tarring everyone with the same brush simply because they have the same name is illogical!

    And, no, it wasn’t hypocritical of her. Just very thoughtful. Thanks LD. 🙂 Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that level of discretion from someone I’d met for only an hour. 🙂

    Interesting post btw.

  7. St.Fallen says:

    nah I didn’t mean hypocritical in that sense
    just that she gave me her name

    ah fuck
    shouldn’t have linked you
    sorry 😦

  8. gutterflower says:

    Shape. No worries.
    It was bound to get out some day. 🙂

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