And the world revolves around…

… me! who else? 😛

Everyone who meets me or has the “pleasure” of having a conversation with me would probably notice my “ego” first. I’m not going to lie, I have a pretty large inflatable ego. Unlike those born with large ego’s mine was actually pretty normal at first but only until I found out I could inflate it (only up to 8lbs. of course) and so I did!

I pumped and pumped away till it was bigger than my body (:
But we all know what happens when you blow to hard…
KA-BOOM! I popped, or rather exploded!
What followed?
Realization. Depression. Change.

I wouldn’t say I still have as big an ego as I did. Though at times I act pretty fucking pious and shit it’s not really the way I think. In my mind I’m just a feeble minded thing loitering the Earth with no special purpose or status or any of that crap. I find it fun though, the whole egoistic personality. It’s amazing how you can give such bad first impressions by pretending to have a huge ass ego. Haha. One thing I love about assumptive judgmental pricks is how wrong they usually are.

Most of the time I guess I’m not myself. I guess, I don’t know. I am who I am and I know who that is but sometimes it’s more fun to pretend. She knows who I am and she knows who she loves so I don’t really care. The others don’t like me, they see me under a different light, all they see if the silhouette cast upon the veil. They are blind.

So who am I really? Who the fuck cares? I am me. I am Mohammed Naoshaad Imaad Majeed, though I prefer to be known as just Imaad Majeed. I am St.Fallen. I am all that you see here – nothing more, nothing less. I am everything I need to be. I will never be everything I want to be, but that’s fine with me because I know want is associated with greed.

Yet another pointless point. I should applaud myself. And I shall do just that now. Yes, I am THAT egoistic. ^.^

Oh and once again:
Fuck You.
You know who you are.

No Shru, this time it isn’t you (:

8 Responses to “And the world revolves around…”
  1. starry eyes says:

    haha…this definitely brings a smile to my face…the ego…oh ya…thats one thing you can pretend to have…;)

  2. Ahamed Nizar says:

    yes your ego. we’ve spoken about that .

  3. lady divine says:

    ego issues – common problem I see… I just don’t give a damn about it..:)
    BUT – what’s great is to know that there are people who realise they have it..:)
    Good post!

  4. Cara says:

    “I have nothing to declare except my genius.” (Oscar Wilde)
    ” One should always be in love” (Oscar Wilde again)
    “One should wish someone else to hell every day” (me *g)

    My ideas on your post and on the occasion of Wilde’s birthday today .

  5. nefarious says:

    EGO, OGRE whatever!

  6. Halik Azeez says:

    you go baby! ego rocks!

  7. Peejay says:

    Someone’s use of laguage has certainly changed.


  8. Peejay says:

    teheh 🙂

    Language that is..

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