Wear Briefs.

This post is for anyone and everyone who has a pair (of testicles -.-).


I switched from briefs to boxers about 5 years back and I never realized the possibilities of how fucked up things can get. This happened once before and I couldn’t walk I had to take a trishaw home.

When you wear boxers, especially if you wear them low, your balls aren’t in a very comfortable position. You may think otherwise but you are wrong. They’re bouncing all over the place and it is quite likely that they will get twisted or something bad will happen and you will fucking hurt.

I feel like chopping my lower body off right now. It’s as though someone was kicking my balls for the past half an hour. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

I just took a Voltaren and I had to cut myself since it takes a while to start working. In case you didn’t know cutting releases endorphins. Endorphins relieve pain. I heated a knife so that I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of slitting my wrist. Ah, relief. No, I’m not emo. -_-

So the point of this post is to vent out the mother fucking pain. And to inform all of you about this SERIOUS issue. Wear briefs, I’m going to go get a couple tomorrow. FUCK! It still hurts a bit. GRR…

Wear briefs – save your balls -_-

13 Responses to “Wear Briefs.”
  1. handofdog99 says:

    This happens only for two reasons:

    1. If ur nt wearin ur boxers properly

    2. Ur boxers are too big for ‘you’ / ‘You’ are too small for your boxers 😀

  2. St.Fallen says:

    haha very funny
    dumbass -.-

  3. the villian says:

    i second handofdog99

  4. FINroD says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha dude… thts why u shud get short briefs they are lyk this mix between boxers and briefs… u wont have any problems then…. lol hehehehe….

  5. mistressofspice says:

    oh my god! the “male” realises what it is like to have swords piercing ur genitals! thanks for the wonderful piece of information man..

    he he he! maybe “you” ARE small, as handofdog99 suggests! he he he!

    p.s.-i think boxers are sexier..briefs look gay,somehow..

  6. St.Fallen says:

    yeah man
    that’s exactly what I’m getting

  7. mistressofspice says:

    alright alright…all males think they are not “small” for their boxers/briefs whatever.. it makes up 2/3 of ur ego!
    i dare you to post a pic…he he! chicken! and we’ll have a poll!

  8. haha..lol…nice one….btw its good that u said ur were nt EMO…coz i was
    finkin abt it wen u were goin all depressed….lol

  9. Chrizz says:

    hahahahhahahahahahaha lmao!
    boxers are sexy 🙂
    briefs.. not so much 😛

  10. nefarious says:

    cheeya. u cant even hold up ur own balls. chee chee

  11. gutterflower says:

    ‘Wear briefs – save your balls’


  12. Angel says:

    Aiyoo! that sounds horrible… glad you’re feeling better tho. Actually one of my less pleasant tasks in the ward in to peer into male patient’s sarongs (after they have had surgery) and tell them sternly “wear some tight underwear”. :S

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