Laments of a trishaw driver…

wow it’s difficult to type properly when you’re on the herb.

Now that that’s been set aside I shall go on with this post. Whilst walking down the road today a trishaw driver from the depot near my home asked me to stop. He asked me to take a seat in the vehicle and he asked me if I was coming for class. I said yes, he asked me where I school. I told him I’m at ANC and that I’d be in America in 2 years (hopefully). He seemed a little surprised, I wonder why. He asked me what my dad does. He realized I have it pretty well in this life. And there it began.

He started telling me about how his life was only getting worse. He never studied well. He’s driving a trishaw, he spend all his money on the meals, he doesn’t even have a proper house etc. I tried to comfort him by telling him there’s always the next life. I said if he tries to do good in this one in the next he will be rewarded. He paused for a moment, then he said that it was all a lie. It doesn’t happen. All we can do is live our lives to the best of our ability while we have it. That we shouldn’t think of an afterlife in our minds, just our life.

A lady then came asking if he was for hire. So I got off and said goodbye and walked on home. Now there’s a drug dealer who lives on my road. I passed by his house and he was smoking a HUGE ASS joint(the caps are the weed talking), with some other guy in his trishaw. He asked me to join them. I had maybe 8 to 10 puffs and DAMN IT’S FUCKING AWESOME!

I am currently in the stage where my heartbeat is more… pronounced and my skin is tingling. I am about to burn right through my skin so here comes to Led Zeppelin. I’m off to Heaven. Bye Bye!

P.S. My heart is beating like a jungle drum. du ba ka du ba ka du ba du ba du ba du ba doo doo

8 Responses to “Laments of a trishaw driver…”
  1. Nefarious says:

    whats with you and tuk tuk drivers?? u sure seem to BOND with em.

  2. dylan` says:

    buffalo soldiers…
    stolen from africa…
    living in america!

  3. TheWhackster says:

    G’n’R, archenemy and ENYA! definitely enya

  4. mistressofspice says:

    dude leave those tuk tukk drivers alone…u r obsessed!

  5. St.Fallen says:

    wa da faa!?!
    he’s the one who stopped me
    I was just being polite

  6. Nefarious says:

    i m sure u made eye contact first

  7. St.Fallen says:

    No he waved to me -_-

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