That’s the sound I woke up to (technically I was already awake but this sort of really woke me up) this morning. It was from the Air Force camp. Some stupid animal set foot on a pressure mine. -_-

So my balls are doing fine, thank you for your concern. Hehe. And no LD I won’t make it a habit (:   I came home today and the trishaw driver, Sagath, asked me to come talk to him – again. This time he asked me about school and such. I asked him if the other guy who always said “set wemu” to me was his brother. He said that’s his older brother Jagath. Sagath’s 27 and he isn’t married. He’s never had the chance apparently. He doesn’t have money. He doesn’t have a stable job. Once again his lament began.

He says he can’t even think of those things. He doesn’t even have a proper house to live in. He says if I got married tomorrow I’d be fine since my parents have the money. We talked about that for a while and then he asked me if I had an old battery at home. I said I’ll have a look. It’s for his friends shop at the Bakery Junction. He needs it for a light. I’m going to go have a look see later.

There’s something sincere about this guy. He asked me if I wanted a smoke, I said no since I was going back home. He asked if I did weed(haha), I said yes but just once in a while(which is true). He told me how he used to have it every single day for the entire day. He told me I have to cut down on smoking and stop doing weed. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that but somehow coming from him it had so much more power and it was quite convincing.

He speaks to me as though I’m a friend. We only got to know each other’s names today. He needs a phone(I’m not going to get him one  -_-). If he had one then he’d get a lot more hires and maybe he’d be able to actually save some of the money he makes. He took a loan some time back and he’s still in debt. He can’t even afford the cheap phones that sell for 3,900. It was sad to hear, but there was nothing I could do. I only get 150/- Rs. a day and that’s when I ask my mum. -_-

So anyway, today was alright. Algebra wasn’t too bad. Human Civilizations was boring as usual, though this time I didn’t fall asleep. The last time my Persian goddess had to wake me up whenever he wrote anything on the board. Hehe. I submitted my English assignment yesterday. I’m going to end this post by letting you guys read it. He asked us to shorten our narratives. Mine couldn’t be shortened so I just wrote a new one. Check it out. (:

Push The Button by Imaad Majeed
Push The Button by Imaad Majeed

Enjoy 😀

6 Responses to “BOOM!”
  1. Rukaiya says:

    Persian Godess….. hmmmm wonder who that is 😉

  2. FRGT10 says:

    hey dude, where do you live? Ratmalana?

  3. FRGT10 says:

    i live on maliban road.. a few mins away from the camp

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