Blogger In The Neighbourhood

Whilst reading my post BOOM! Unsilent Dawn wondered if I lived close to his place. Turns out I do! So today I met up with him after class near the Maliban factory. He told me about his job and his plans etc. as I walked home. He seems alright, might hang out with him sometime during the weekend. I showed him the weed dealers place since he wanted to try taking weed by himself and then writing. Hope that turns out better than my attempt.


5 Responses to “Blogger In The Neighbourhood”
  1. Nefarious says:

    introduce me =D

  2. FRGT10 says:

    hehe.. thanks for showing the dealer’s place man.. we should hang out sometime.. btw i did like your whole Pinocchio idea 😀

  3. writing while your stoned eh.. hmmm well ive done that.. never published em on the blog. although i did write one while being pretty drunk!

  4. Oh and yes to answer ur question. On weekends mate. i take it your on the full time batch?

  5. Hehe…omg!….yo FRGT10..get us sme of that stuff ova here also..:P

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