What You Want.

What you wanna say
Wait until you get home
I’m sick of communicating now over the telephone
Tell me how you feel
For I am lonely too
Need you to know
I’m just as cold and numb as you.

But I could fly away
Or I could be no one
And you could be the
Sunshine falling over the mountain.

You could come to stay
Yes you could come right home
I don’t see why I have to
Live this life all alone.

I know there is a way to make up for mistakes
I know what’s happening is for a reason.

What You Want by John Butler Trio

3 Responses to “What You Want.”
  1. Beena says:

    you know how much this song means to me.

    i can’t even listen to it without thinking of stuff…

  2. Peejay says:

    Pours me a thick glass of red wine …..

  3. reeve says:

    OI. i come to your blog to read some of YOUR stuff.
    but no. i get lyrics of songs.
    aish. whatever is happening to your lyrics? poems?
    rants and raves i do not want.

    how’s the book coming? long time eh..
    i’ve finally got some free time..

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