The title of this blog will probably change soon, though I might even keep it as “Subject To Change”. I’m choosing to be anonymous for reasons beyond my control. I’ve never tried to use a blog to define myself before, but I am going to try do that with this one.

Right now I’m hoping to make some changes, so the current title is apt. I’m not a Buddhist, by the way, in case you’re wondering after reading the quote next to the blog title or this posts title. I just feel like it’s time that I discovered who I really am once again, ’cause it’s become really hard for me to tell.

I’m going to create a new image of myself, and I am going to paint this picture here. Each post will be a canvas, this keyboard will be my brush, and my thoughts will be the paint, and you will be the viewer. I’ve come to realize that I was wrong about something – I am not just the picture frame, I am also the painter. It is all in my hands.

Now that I’ve introduced myself and the blog I’m just going to end this post with this:
“With the death of one comes the birth of another” Me.

2 Responses to “.Rebirth”
  1. saffronsays says:

    Just a suggestion…try reading this book called ‘A New Earth’ – it’s really good, gives you a whole new perspective on yourself.

  2. gutterflower says:

    Hello there stranger.

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