.You Know Who I am

I’ve been here before.
You’ve seen me.
You’ve heard me.
You know me.
Though just one side of me.
What you see now,
Is a coin flipped upside down.
So while you’re still here,
Try and figure it out.
Have a listen to this:

Down to Earth by yours truly (no, that’s not the name of the artist. I mean the owner of this blog.)

10 Responses to “.You Know Who I am”
  1. Peejay says:

    You make more difference than you know…

    Two thumbs up from me.

  2. Beena says:

    Well in regards to the song i really like it, even better listening to it with earphones, even with the tiny background sounds, it makes it all the more haunting.

  3. Shaheen says:

    it’s awesome!
    i love the beginning.. and the middle, around 2:10 🙂

  4. Shru says:

    hello again 🙂

  5. Have I met you before…..?

  6. judging from your blogroll I don’t think so
    but I’m sure you must have dropped by my old blog

  7. I did happen to know one Saint who wrote some really cool stuff and I was very surprised when I found out how old he was….? Same person?

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