is all I am

In the midst of all the waves and vibrations
Within the center yet without location
Little specks of black and white unwanted

Ridiculous resonance unlike sparkling water
Unearthy tones hummed by the finger
Round and round the crystal glass

Care to filter?
– Normalize demeanor
Graphically equalize
– Posture and figure?

Caught against the meshwork
A residue I become
Trained to be strained
Back to square one

All I am is noise

10 Responses to “.Noise”
  1. Cara says:

    Not sure about the message this might include.
    Can you explain it ?

  2. Fallen says:

    Note the updates

  3. Jerry says:

    That’s actual glass-ring-on-finger sound?
    If it is, woah.

    If not,

  4. Jerry says:

    Oh, then yeah…

  5. Darkangelruki says:

    I like da first 2.Nice work!

  6. The blogger previously known as TMS :P says:

    Reached the gut. The bottom areas. Then started booming. Nice 🙂

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