.Miss Interpret

“Talk”, you say,
But my throat is gagged.
By what?
I wonder

“You talk”, I retort,
But we know who’s the audience here
“I’m here to talk to you”,
I’m glad, but it’s something I can’t do.

Am I at fault?
Who is to blame?
My tongue shrivels up as I hear your name.

I have spoken volumes, though,
you may not have understood.
Maybe with an ear to the ground,
You’d have heard the hooves.

Do you not understand
This simple metaphor
Or are you too blind to see?
Deaf to the cries from the underground
Numb to the crack of the whip

I am still here
You know, you can feel me
As much as you feel a distance
The door is always open

Where do you want me to lie?
In the darkness or in the light?
You say I have walked out the door
Why don’t you take a step out of yours?

We could both relish the sun
Wherever on Earth we’re spun
It’s only a matter of time
Be patient, the time will come.

Note: this poem is subject to change

2 Responses to “.Miss Interpret”
  1. chaarmax says:

    It’s pretty perfect as it is… 😀 Speaks volumes!

  2. TheWhacksteR says:

    yeah i like this 😀 but you do seem to have distanced yourself, in a manner of speaking.

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