.Plain Tea

Woken up at noon today, by my brother saying we were to have lunch at a relatives place. Got up and got ready. Got there, nothing to do, no one to speak to. Ate lunch, wondered who the hell the little kids were. An uncle shows off his dual-SIM Chinese phone, goes on to talk about Tamil gangsters in the UK, and how Tamils are great at creating their own businesses. Familiar faces entered, finally someone to talk to. Everyone’s finished eating, the kids are playing out in front, I see Dad’s phone on the table. Snatch it, get onto Twitter, scroll through the updates, don’t feel like saying much. End up on camera, take a look around. Fuzzy, try changing settings. Sepia tone looks best, click. Turn off flash, click. Mess around with exposure, click. Contrast, click. Suddenly feel energetic, zooming in and out. Move about clicking at random, the display becomes my eyes, my sight, my vision. Capturing still-frames hoping to hold on to a thought, or steal one right out of another, and freeze it in one place, to look at again. Don’t understand grown-ups being camera shy. Asked no one to pose or smile, ‘cheese’ didn’t slip off any tongue. I felt alive, in such a strange way, just looking at the moments I’d caught, like bugs in a jar, birds in a cage. Tea was served, “plain tea or milk tea”, plain, please. Relatives do not understand the concept of “plain”, ginger does not go into plain tea. Not enough sugar, I take 3 teaspoons. Never mind, I’ve got pictures to take, moments to steal. Grandma is sitting outside, drinking her milk tea. Pouring it onto a saucer, this is how tea should be drunk. Carrom board comes out, game on. I choose to spectate, watching from the sidelines, in sepia tone. It’s not only the fingers that snap, even the toes curl and snap, so intense. The kids have come in, they all join in watching the game. Everyone’s together now, though I hardly know their names. I have no more pictures to take, I am fully immersed in this time and place. I felt great.


19042009212(crop)19042009229(crop)  19042009233





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   19042009324 19042009287(crop)19042009289(edit)

16 Responses to “.Plain Tea”
  1. theselittlearthquakes says:

    Nice to see.

    The 1st, 5th and 6th photo make me feel like wanting to be there in that moment – the movement of dress and the child running.

    The 12th photo of the lady I also like. I love the expression in this photo, the details, the light and dark shades on her face. Makes it feel personal..

    Meh, you know I don’t really post comments..

    Thank you for sharing


  2. PseudoRandom says:

    Being creative with a camera can be very rewarding 🙂 And the sepia tone gives the photos a timeless effect…I love the one of your grandmother pouring her tea!

  3. OooOh photos!!! that’s new for you…:) what is this phone?? the quality is pretty neat.

  4. Fallen says:

    Nokia 5800. Is that all you have to comment about? 😛

  5. lady divine says:

    whoa….gorgeous pics!!!

  6. Cara says:

    @theselittlearthquakes said it all already – thank you, Fallen !

  7. TheWhacksteR says:

    like the pic of your grandma! great moment you caught there. sorta made me feel nostalgic

  8. Fallen says:

    Nostalgic? Hmm, I thought I caught insanity on that one. She’s quite a nut. I freaked out when I took that shot, she just suddenly turned and her facial expression scared the fuck out of me.

  9. I love taking candid shots… These are quite nice 🙂 I loved the kids playing and of course the one of your grandmother was awesome. Really.

    Nice man 🙂

  10. Meg says:

    Hey, the pic of your gran pouring tea onto a saucer is the brill!

  11. Beanie says:

    i love the photography.. i have the same phone, why can’t mine come as clear? -_-

    amazing 🙂

  12. Aamina says:

    I saw these…n i do drop by ur blog now n then wen i hav time…:)..
    love the one of ur grandma and the one with the cup in the foreground…..these r nice personal shots…u do hav an eye….
    keep shooting for sure…n even cell phone shots can turn out fantastic..
    oh btw…ill be here 4 another 2 weeks…so be sure to drop by home…#tc

  13. gutterflower says:

    Like the pics with your grandmother.

    Um. Who’s the guy in the white tshirt btw?
    You know. Just curious. No particular reason.

  14. Fallen says:

    that’s my brother
    younger, 16, taken 😛

  15. (",) says:

    isn’t that asma’s brother with the teacup? i think i know who you are. i’ve probably even met you. small world.

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