.No More Poetry

Yes, Jerry, you may celebrate.
I won’t be posting any of my poems here anymore.
That will be all.
Move along now.

8 Responses to “.No More Poetry”
  1. Kalusudda says:

    What’s going on Fallen?

  2. delilahsays says:


  3. Cara says:

    I’d like to mention rule number one from gapingvoid’s list “How to be creative “ :

    Ignore everybody !

  4. Where will you be posting your poetry from now on then? 😦

  5. Aamina says:

    oooh more prose!
    that would be nyc…but do post a poem once in awhile

  6. Jerry says:

    What the… WHY would you do that?

  7. rannelee says:

    Oh you have a fan base… 🙂 better not do that…

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