.Lights Out

Woke up sweating this morning, power had just gone out and the fan had stopped whirring. Hadn’t realized, thought Dad had turned it off to wake me up. Get out of bed and go downstairs, Dad’s gone out, no one’s on the computer, UPS blinks red. Power cut. 10.30, I’m hungry, brother peels a mango, tosses one over. “Let’s play carrom”, I refuse, I suck too much at the game and he’s had a bit of practice of late. He insists, and sets the board though I’m more interested in the mango. He breaks, I’m black, I strike, though quite laid back. He scores a few, I just watch, wait until he asks me to play. He’s obviously winning, I’ve finished my mango, I get up and leave. Come back to the same spot, I ask him to get out the Uno cards, I’ve always had better luck with that. We play, I win, one more, I win. And another, I win. On and on about 8 times or so, I won. Then finally he win. Dad gets back home, he joins in. Brother wins, I come second, after going on for about 10 minutes against Dad. Afterwards brother and Dad play carrom, brother lost. We go outside, it’s 4PM the power’s yet to return. Brother’s playing the guitar, I grab Dad’s phone. Go out and start taking pictures. Picture quality turns out better than earlier, probably due to the lighting, out in the sun. Mess around with the few settings, I chose black and white this time, take a few shots, something’s missing. Turn up the contrast, muuuuch better.






As much as they might look like poses, he was actually playing when I took these, which could mean he poses while playing. The string looks like they’re going haywire in some of them, an effect I like. None of these have been edited, a few have been cropped. I’ve decided to continue these “photography” posts, as amateur as they maybe. All of these were taken with a Nokia 5800, Colour Tone set to Black & White, and Contrast set to High. Everything else on Auto.

Bro took a video of me covering a J. Tillman song, not going to post it here though, since it’s already on Kottu. (:

8 Responses to “.Lights Out”
  1. theselittlearthquakes says:

    This post will most likely lasso in alot of fan girls.

    The second shot is great, I just love how your brother is almost like the shadow in this picture, while the guitar is the focal point. This picture speaks.

    I also like the last two pictures, the textures on the back wall, especially in the second last picture, that create the ‘grungy’ look.

    And what more can I say about the \m/. Great capture.

    Keep sharing your pics.


  2. Black Rose says:

    Great shots. I especially love the 1st, 2nd and 4th captures. Great work fallen. Love working with B/W. Keep ’em coming man.


  3. lady divine says:

    awesome shots!

    I SO wanna learn to play the guitar!

  4. Nefarious says:

    hey nice photography.
    and your brother does look like he can pose and play.


  5. gutterflower says:

    🙂 🙂

    Like the second one. You should def try and get an SLR if you can.

  6. Very nice pictures – I am impressed! I like the way it’s written as well! 🙂

  7. Ahamed Nizar says:

    well done. nice shots 🙂

    checked out padashaw’s blog??

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