.While I Was Away

Always wanted to take a train, never did until yesterday. With only two weeks off from college I thought I should make best use of the little time I have, so I decided to take a train to Kandy over the weekend. Packed a camera, batteries, and a notepad. Went with a friend who stays there, we got dropped off at the Fort Railway Station at 6.30AM, Saturday, but with only 4 people in front of us at the queue, the tickets sold out. So we took a bus instead, and I ended up taking a train to Gampola from Kandy, and from Kandy back to Colombo. Meanwhile, my brother was at home taking better pictures than I could manage with the shitty camera. Since I’m too exhausted from footboarding to write about the trip, or post the shitty pictures, I’ll just let you’ll have a look at some of his photography.

Taken with the Nokia 5800, in black and white, high contrast:




In sepia tone, high contrast:

Copy of 16052009454

Square. Get it? 😛

10 Responses to “.While I Was Away”
  1. black says:

    lol.. i like the 1st two.
    and i’ve never been on a train either 🙂

  2. Dee says:

    i get it. no kandy pics?

  3. Fallen says:

    @black :O take the morning train to Badulla! On the observation coach (: i’ll be going on Tuesday or Thursday (:
    @Dee I didn’t bother taking photos, only on the train back. Might post them later. Hoping to take some on the train to Badulla (:

  4. Jerry says:

    So you’ve switched from poetry to photography?

    And somebody else’s photography at that


  5. Fallen says:

    Oh there will be poetry (:
    soon 😉

  6. I dont know why but for some reason black and white pics have such a exquisite and elegant aura to it.. just my point of view.. 🙂

  7. delilahsays says:

    damn. i was waiting to hear all about the train:(

  8. Slow Chills says:

    You’re the only person I know who does his smileys the other way around(:
    I loved the 2nd and 3rd photographs 🙂

  9. Slow Chills says:

    Do tell your brother he’s done a good job (:

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