did you by any chance see

a skinny dude seated on a bus staring at a phone screen, with earphones on, a bag on his lap, and one hand in his pocket? If you have, please make note that he was NOT watching porn while wanking away in a corner of the bus. Contrary to that, he was on MWD Twitter tweeting about how his hand was stuck in a pocket full of melted chocolate.

How did that happen? Well this dude happened to have a little something before leaving for class that got him a little… elevated, elated even. And since he knew he’d have the munchies on the long bus ride to college, he decided to raid the kitchen for portable appetite appeasers. All he found was a large bar of cooking chocolate in the fridge, that would have to do. So he broke off a slab the size of his palm and put it in his pocket, for easy access. During the walk to the bus halt he broke off pieces of chocolate and ate them on the road, no one really noticed, well – he didn’t notice anyone noticing him.

By the time he got to the bus halt his mouth was full of chocolate, and given the conditions, it was… fucking… awesome. So he got onto the bus and took a seat in a corner, paid for his ticket to “Kollupitiya” (a word he has to repeat at least three times every morning, he’s tried various pronunciations, but it ALWAYS need repetition), and listened to Soilwork blasting out a brutal cover of Deep Purple’s Burn. Halfway through the journey, he had a sudden craving for chocolate! And so, without too much thought about it, he put his hand into his pocket where he’d find chocolate and… –_–

His hand was now covered in chocolate, melted chocolate mind you. He couldn’t just take it out cause everyone would notice, so he had no choice but to leave it there. So for the second half of his journey, he sat in a corner of the bus, staring at his phone screen, with earphones on, and one hand in his pocket, covered in chocolate.

But there was hope! The halt approached but with it came a new predicament. As he watched the halt come into sight, he realized he’d have to get up off his seat, walk up the aisle, and get off the bus, with one hand in his pocket, covered in chocolate.

He did get off, and successfully too, and then proceeded to cross the street, with one hand in his pocket, covered in chocolate. He then walked towards college eagerly waiting until he could turn into the lane and then get the chocolate off his fingers. And as soon as he turned onto the lane, he whipped out his hand and stuck it in his mouth getting rid of the chocolate the most efficient way possible. AND GOD DAMN IT TASTED GOOD! xD

So there you have it, that’s what he was doing. Oh, I’m sorry, you thought he was some perverted skinny kid wanking off to hardcore anal porn on his phone, covering his lap with a bag so no one would notice his hands moving under his jeans? Wow, you’ve got some imagination.


20 Responses to “did you by any chance see”
  1. Chavie says:

    duuuuude you linked to porn??? perv! 😛 😀 😉

  2. St. Fallen says:

    why, Kottu of course 😀

  3. TheWhacksteR says:

    Gee thanks for the link man. I was wondering how you access this tuff on the internet. I wonder what ppl on the road thought when they saw some fool comin round the corner, looking around sneakily while taking his hand outta his pocket, and then sucking it? 😛

  4. arya says:

    yako you should have pulled out your hand and licked it…:P much to the disgust of those ppl arnd you who must be wondering what the hell that is and where the hell that came from…that gives porn a new definition…:P

    • deadoralive says:

      eeya wtf arya?:P that not only sounded SO WRONG but its also too disgusting to imagine!!! man this note ruined my chocolate appetite 😦

      • arya says:

        thou infernal being..!!! how can you say that you lost your appetite for ZE SACRED CHOCOLATE??? :O :O :O *gasp* no matter what, no matter where imaad pokes his hands and his chocolates i am a sworn eremite to ze CHOCOLATE DEITY! HMPH!!!

  5. Gee thanks for the community service!

  6. Makuluwo says:

    LOL @ arya.
    Yes, we saw you, and that random pulling-out-of-jeans-and-sucking-hand kinda freaked us out. 😛

  7. Makuluwo says:

    And why does my wordpress avatar look like a sad slice of pizza?

    • St. Fallen says:

      because that is what you are.
      Wordpress knows all 😛
      and I wasn’t sucking my hand, per se.
      It was more like sucking my fingers, and someone once told me that the Prophet said you should suck your fingers after a meal or something. But then someone else told me you should NEVER suck your left hand… so… I dunno O_o

  8. arya says:

    lick lick…yum…imaad you know what to do next time this happens right? WRAP IT IN A GODDAMED TISSUE! THE CHOCOLATE I MEAN…NOT ERRR…NEVERMIND…::p

  9. black says:

    chee chee – AND MELTED CHOCOLATE in POCKET? how convenient 😛

  10. arya says:

    oh no its not diapers…trust me…:P hahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha ill never accept chocolate from you now…knowing where it comes from…:P

  11. arya says:

    oh diapers wasnt for me…lol..thats sicker..!!!

  12. Gehan says:

    you and jerry should never ride a bus together..

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