Five Words, Five Women

  1. Indifferent – to the fact that their leader (whose name I can’t spell) is dead.
  2. Apathetic – to the loss of life, on both sides.
  3. Annoyed – at the response of the Sinhalese Nationalists and Tamil Diaspora.
  4. Relieved – that the war is finally over, and I can put my bag on the rack in a bus again.
  5. Resolute – of the fact that the core issues have yet to be dealt with, the battle up North was just a battle over territory, all we have won is land, the real battle is over the rights of every human standing on the soil of this nation. I still stand by my belief that until every citizen of this land holds equal rights, we can at any time snap back to something similar, or even worse, than what we’ve come to know for the past 26 years. And beyond that there is also the ethnic conflict, that we will have to solve from bottom-up, starting hopefully from the school level, changing the attitudes of the youth, and ending the stupid divisions of religion in school systems. Then comes the most important thing, what we really need to tackle, and if and only if this one is taken down, will I ever truly respect or vote for Mahinda Rajapakse. And that is the problem of corruption. In this land it is everywhere, in every inch of soil, in every crack, corner, and creek, even if you cannot see it, you smell it, you hear it, you know it is there. If he can find a way, to rid of it, at least in some branch, or stem, I will respect him.

Okay, that was a little long, but I had to say that.

Now, as for the tags.
It was Delilah who tagged me first, followed by that Little Thomian Ponnaya (or LTP as he is affectionately called)  Chavie, and according to them I have to tag 5 bloggers. Since Delilah’s post tagged 5 hot male bloggers, I thought I’d tag 5 hot female bloggers (the ones who haven’t posted about this already, of course).

So here they are (in no particular order), I hereby tag these BILF’s:

  1. Nimooboo
  2. Eyeliner and I
  3. Gutterflower
  4. The Scrump
    and last, but definitely not least 😉
  5. Jade (yeah, I think I do want you to ‘attack’ me) 😛


As for the origins of this tag, I’m not really sure, it’s usually some jobless retard who has nothing better to do. But I think I heard somewhere, on someone’s post, that it was by RD. I’m not too familiar with this RD character, I believe RD stands for Rhythmic Diarrhea, or something like that. So yeah, thanks man, for starting this oh so necessary tag-fest, or rather infestation. xP

6 Responses to “Five Words, Five Women”
  1. Jerry says:

    You missed your own pani bunis… he’ll be heartbroken.

  2. Chavie says:

    nicely said… totally agree with you on point 5… 🙂

  3. gutterflower says:

    Hahaha. I thought you didn’t do meme’s.
    You’ve crossed over to the dark side! *gasp*

  4. I’m touched! 😛

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