Operation: Cheer Up MoM

So we went to Buba today, me, MoM, Jerry, and Pani Bunis. Mr. Hakuru was the “planner” of the event, and when we got there we found out that there would be a private party at 3, with the emphasis on private. So we had a few hours, and two big sticks of weed, namely, Momma Bear and Papa Bear. MoM chose Papa Bear, so now we know she’s gay, and still a man(now there’s an accomplishment).

She doesn’t get stoned, I’m not even going to bother with the details, it’s just… pathetic. The Mess-AIYA of Madness is so grim, dark, and morbid, that marijuana has no effect on her. Oh well, I was high, I wasn’t complaining. Or rather, I couldn’t, ‘cause you know when you’re high, you can’t seem to get just the right words out?

I open my mouth, with the words in my mind and go :
*blank stare *

Yeah, so then Papa Bear was passed over to Jerry, who swiftly grasped it by its er.. joint, and deftly planted it in his mouth with such skill that Hugh Jackman would feel ashamed. And he held in with both hands, locking it between his lips, taking it in with such finesse, KaluSudda would be ashamed (inside joke, you’re on the outside, bitches).

And then it was back to me, an I… was high? I dunno. Can’t remember, sorry. Short-term memory ends there, yes Gay-haan, you were right about Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol, want a prize?

So now I shall resort to twitter, to remember what I was upto (ah, technology).

So here’s the ‘trip’, tweet by tweet:

is off to Buba (:about 5 hours ago from DestroyTwitter

is at Buba, waiting on two idiots to show up. @DelilahSays Berry’s been spending an awful lot of time with MoM 😛about 4 hours ago from mwd

@PapareBoy I want to cover you in ants, kithul and mi kiri! xDabout 1 hour ago from mwd

(then it gets all poetic, yes Pani Bunis, you inspire me ♥)

Humans look to nature and learn from the analogies. Nature looks to humans, and what do they learn?about 1 hour ago from mwd

To burn, rape and pillage those of their kind? To let their own brethren walk the front line? What do they learn? What have we preached?43 minutes ago from mwd

If they are our disciples, and we are that to them, where have we led them? Where have they fled?42 minutes ago from mwd

It is Human Nature, and never Nature Human. I guess we know why you can never get a perfect circle.40 minutes ago from mwd

is stoned. And feel like I’m wearing my glasses, when I’m not! Aah nice, wet wind 😀39 minutes ago from mwd

guy sitting next to me in the bus is trying to read my tweets. GET YOUR OWN ACCOUNT, it’s Free!38 minutes ago from mwd

met with an accident, getting off a slippery footboard. Worst introduction EVER!35 minutes ago from mwd

ah cold rain on my busted head washing away the blood.34 minutes ago from mwd

people come to help, mostly trishaw drivers. The ones in cars are busy being civilized beings!33 minutes ago from mwd

Blood is gone, I look pale, my scalp has been cleansed by rain. They carry my body, in not an ambulance but a bus, and take the down the 31 minutes ago from mwd

long road home. As I watch, my body lie still, I see now all that I have been. And as I glance, back to that bus halt:29 minutes ago from mwd

God, damn it. I shouldn’t have twittered!29 minutes ago from mwd

is performing CPR on his phone. BREATHE! Damn you Nokia! Damn you to hell you Finnish bastard!17 minutes ago from mwd


Yeah, so the moral of that story is: don’t tweet while crossing the road, especially when it’s raining. Oh and, Messaiyya doesn’t get stoned. This turned out to be Operation: Get MoM stoned. and the result:


Actually it should say, “looking” but I’m too stoned to do anything about it. Use your imagination. Oh, and everyone I’ve mentioned, no hard feelings, yeah? 😛

8 Responses to “Operation: Cheer Up MoM”
  1. Chavie says:

    hahahahaha! actually… there was another tweet that caught my attention: This one’s by Jerry…

    @ has her hands all over @papareboy. yup, she’s high.
    about 1 hour ago from mobile web

    btw, I hope you’re alright… get the wound checked by a doc k? 😕

  2. Jerry says:

    Scandalous, you call this? Nooooobeth! DIE BROWN COW!

  3. Chavie says:

    oh btw Fallen, check if your blog’s time zone is correct? It says 29 May on the header and my blogroll… 😕

  4. Paparé Boy says:

    @Jerry –

    @ has her hands all over @papareboy. yup, she’s high.
    about 1 hour ago from mobile web

    WTF? When did THAT happen? :S

    She _did_ get high at MC. You weren’t there. 😀

  5. What the..? 😛

    @ Chavie- That’s all fabricated by that git, The Jester! I have better taste! 😛

    Well, I think I probably didn’t do it right… I don’t know how to breathe it in… 😕

  6. Angel says:

    You guys are hilarious!

  7. Gehan says:

    lol hello, u REMEMBERED that post, so technically u proved me wrong 😛 but yea id still like a prize….

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