makes the world go round. Whoever came up with that was either filthy rich or fucking depressed.

I’ve never been on good terms with money – I’m almost always broke. But I’ve never liked having money so much, at least not since about age 9. When I was a kid I realized the power it brought to those who held it, I’d spend it wisely at the canteen, Kati’s Toy Shop at school, and even on Pattis Uncle’s homemade Patties. Back then 10 rupees could buy you a packet of Tipi Tip, an egg roll was only 5 rupees, Bunty toffees were 50 cents, and half rate bus tickets were 50 cents.

Those are probably what most of my childhood memories, at least from school, are made of. Me buying stuff. But it wasn’t always my money that I spent. Now before you come to conclusions, back then I had yet to master the art of mooching off of other people (back then I had no class). I did not steal from other students. No, I stole from the teachers.

I was a Robin Hood of sorts, I would steal from the rich – the teachers, and give to the poor – me. But sometimes I would be in a mood to share. On days that I managed to sneak out a 50 rupee note I’d buy a bunch of Tipi Tips and sneak them into my friends desks. I wouldn’t tell them I got them, obviously, because then I’d get caught. Yeah, I was sneaky like that.

But I did get caught, quite a few times actually. Another vivid memory is that of my frequent visits to the Headmaster’s office. They weren’t very pleasant. A lot of times I would come out in tears, mostly fake, but tears nonetheless. The usual punishment was a few lashes of the cane – on my hand, nowhere else, perv.

I still remember walking back to the school van clutching my hand and hearing the jingle of 5 rupee coins in my pocket. The fools thought I had learned my lesson. Hah. As if.

But I reformed over time, and I’m glad. I guess I realized that money can’t really buy happiness, and the thrill of stealing money sort of dies off after so many lashes. After that I began to see the darker side of money, the side that causes poverty and crime among other things.

I strongly feel that money is one of the worst things that has happened to us. It’s made so many things possible, but there’s both good and bad in that. And to me, the negative always outweighs the positive. The things money can make people do, from doing menial and humiliating jobs to stealing and looting and even killing another man, all over money. Do I need to go on?

Sure, we wouldn’t have developed as much as we have if it wasn’t for money. Sure, there’s plenty of reasons for why it should exist and why we should continue to use it. And yeah, it’s too late to stop now. But did we really need it?

Money allows for corruption, greed, poverty, crime, and fraud. And there’s a whole load of good things it’s enabled too, but I don’t see how that can cancel out everything that’s wrong with it.

Money might make the world go round, but it doesn’t mean that world is any better because of it. Money might buy happiness for some, but only at the cost of anothers misery. Money might fill the plate of one, while emptying that of another. Money. Money. Money.

So tell me, man. Can you eat your money?

13 Responses to “Money”
  1. rannelee says:

    Nice music.. and will find it from the thing called “internet”

    Well money is what give us things to eat and no we cannot eat money

    Money is just a mode (methinks) to exchange goods. True we do not have to give such prominence to money, but like everything else in life we give the life to “money”. We plant money, then water and nurture it and just like weed it grows in our lives, and then we blame it on “money”

    and the worst part is the need for more money accelerates at the rate of which we receive it.

  2. N B says:

    Few things,
    “Back then 10 rupees could buy you a packet of Tipi Tip, an egg roll was only 5 rupees, Bunty toffees were 50 cents, and half rate bus tickets were 50 cents.”
    Now how old are you Grandpa? Dude I’m 13 years older and yet i don’t remember buying stuff for 10 rupees. Please… Stop this.

    You stole? Really? Why? Fucking unlikely considering i know your background. All the Majeeds from Samanthura had all the money no? Stop lying kid.

    You saw the darker side of money? How? Money is always a good thing to have no matter how you earned it. But yes money can’t buy you happiness. You are right. It can buy you a house, but it can’t buy you a home.

    Can we eat money? Yes…. Indirectly. We eat food that we used money for. Inother words consuming/ eating indirectly.

    On a side note, whats your NET WORTH anyway? Whats your two cents worth anyway??? Fucking philosophical indeed !!

    • St. Fallen says:

      this was 10 years ago, Tipi Tip WAS selling for 10 rupees back then.

      Well I was a rather unruly kid, and the background doesn’t really help much considering I lived in Colombo all my life and not Sammanthurai. There was a time when our family had “all the money”, but that was a long, long time ago, once you’ve adjusted to inflation there isn’t much left. 😛

      “It can buy you a house, but it can’t buy you a home.” Too true.

      My two cents probably isn’t worth much at all, but it’s still mine nevertheless.
      Thank you for yours, I appreciate your feedback. (:

  3. rannelee says:

    mpgh.. money money money

  4. Gehan says:

    lol loving the whole ‘robin hood’ analogy … 😀 when i was a kid i used to scrounge off change.. u kno, u get 30 bucks to buy bread and u keep the 5 bucks change (yep, back then it was 25, i rem)… so i’d end up collecting change like this and hoard it like nobodies business… 😀 by christmas i had a neat little stash to waste on pointless gifts.. ah those were da days… 🙂

  5. N B says:

    Err…. You lot don’t have any standards? 🙂 Mine was a refined methodology but still stealing. Daddy being a doc, he used to have some practice at home too like from 6pm to 8pm. I used to sit on the small cashier table where his patients were given tickets. On crowded days i made sure i stole half of his earnings. I still wish i could do the same 🙂 Stealing dad’s money..PRICELESS !!!

  6. N says:

    Read Lynn Twist, the Soul of Money. It’s an interesting treatise on the role of money in our society and how to use it well.

  7. nefarious says:

    money. makes you do bad things.

  8. N B says:

    Immy. just to let you know “CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT A FUCKING CUNT I AM??? YOU BLIND?” comment was not by me. Technology being misused here by some jobless idiots. Please delete it. Thanks.

  9. Makuluwo says:

    Haha man, you can hardly do anything without money these days, the obsession has grown!
    I still buy Tipi Tip for 25 bucks cuz it beats buying other stuff that’s like.. way above 50. Sigh. Remember when small Snicker bars were just 90 or so? 150 now. 😦 Not fair.

    Money won’t buy you happiness, but lack of it sure can make you miserable some days. 😛

    • St. Fallen says:

      never was a Snickers fan, I leaned more towards the Mars bars.
      Maltesers are my fave 😀
      and Cadbury Dairy Milk, they’ve doubled the damn prices now!!!

      meh, I’m broke pretty much every day but it doesn’t bring me down
      mostly cause I get other people to pay for my expenses, but even without them I manage

  10. eXon says:

    The problem, as I see it, is not in the concept of money. It’s just that money has a tendency to stick around those who already have a lot of it. The transfer rate of wealth from the rich to the poor is directly proportional to how dishonest you are. So basically if you’re more deviant you can get rich faster (relative to the other guy). But I babble. What I wanted to say was this: I lol’d at your Robin Hood anology.

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