Winter’s Tears

Sheena posted a poem on her blog, Core by Layne Staley, and then took it off. I like it so I’m gonna repost it here:

I suppose somewhere inside me
I yearn for freedom from
That which holds me stagnant
Over exaggeration turns underestimated
Emotion. Why the urgency to hide and
Slow the flow of that, which could,
And perhaps will, improve, and
Heal the burning inside?
I am protecting my pain
It is mine
And I so badly want to keep my
Pain to myself
But, in doing so I am hurting
So many who cross me, or care for me,
Aching for love and acceptance,
Only to throw you down in the latter
Of our shared love
Yet anger and guilt not shared
Between me and you
You are blamed for all that is a
Mystery within myself…burning
Oh, I pray that I might someday
Throw a blanket over that angry
If the strength is found within the
Core of my being
His tears soak my heart and
Weight it down
I am drowning, and I am tired,
And so very, very lonely
I am.

Core ~ Layne Staley

I responded to that and that response in turn led to me writing a poem, so I have to thank her for the inspiration.

So here’s Sheena Beena Cornflake Girl reading the poem I wrote, I think I’ll call it Winter’s Tears.

Oh and the response was: you are not alone, I am also here, drowning in the same flood as you.

I love you.

9 Responses to “Winter’s Tears”
  1. These Little Earthquakes says:

    Thank you Imaad, you’re beautiful.

  2. PseudoRandom says:

    Love the poem, and love Sheena’s voice!

  3. lady divine says:

    wow! this is amazing!! I LOVED it!!

  4. TheWhacksteR says:

    k i have to admit, the voice reading the poem sounded really great with the words you wrote.. i’d like to see it.. mail it to me foo’

  5. Cadence says:

    Nice. both.

    I like the voice, sultry but not dark.

  6. Delilah says:

    beautiful. words and the reading of them.

  7. love it! her voice is ideal for the mood and tone of the poem. 🙂

  8. gutterflower says:

    Love her voice.
    Your poems not too shabby as well.

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