Where’s The Damn Microphone?

So this is the first episode/segment thingamajig of Echoes of the Abyss, I won’t be streaming it live since a) I don’t have a microphone and b) ADSL sucks donkey dick. But anyway, this segments just going to be about music, covers, originals, improv, or just talk about bands and album etc.

Here’s the first ep, the song I’m covering is Marigold by Foo Fighters. It was originally done by Nirvana, with Dave Grohl on vocals.  The volume isn’t that high cause Youtube’s a wuss. So you might wanna turn it up a notch or two.

8 Responses to “Where’s The Damn Microphone?”
  1. This song suites your voice very well.

    Really dig it Immi

  2. Makuluwo says:

    Couldn’t make out the words too clearly (prolly the lack of the damn mic), but sounds alright.
    Looks like singing is the new trend ’round Kottu these days!

    Try singing inside a room with tiled walls.. like the kitchen or the loo! 😛 They’ve got the best acoustics and the no-mic thing won’t steal from the performance anymore.

    • St. Fallen says:

      erm, following trends? me? wtf?
      I was posting up music before Gayhaan even had a blog.
      thanks for the loo suggestion (:

      • Jerry says:

        woah! Stay away from tiled rooms! Solid, flat surfaces all around create a LOT of reverb. It might sound louder, but it’s all echoey and distorted. Use a carpeted room or something, unless you have a room with furry walls.

  3. Very nice

    But u should consider wearin long pants

  4. I thought it was simply lovely! I loved the chord progression too. And hey! Nothing wrong with wearing shorts… helps create that laid back atmosphere.

  5. black says:

    love the song – love the band – and love Grohl.
    i want to hear MORE.

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