So, about MJ…

he passed away today, he left this “crying earth” and its “weeping shores”. It’s kind of sad, if he had stayed a little longer he could’ve done that tour, which I’m sure would have been an amazing way to go. “It’s better to burn out that to fade away”, someone once said, but there’s no way MJ could fade. He took a lot of shit from the media, from haters, from even  me (though he obviously didn’t hear it, but still). But he still got through it all, even taking Eminem’s mockery of him (I loved that video). He was insanely popular, insanely good, and insanely talented, true.

I’ve never been a fan, used to like a couple of songs as a kid, but that was about it. The only song I still listen to from time to time is Earth Song, to me that has to be his best, but that’s just my opinion. Flipping through Twitter today I found out he had passed, checked Google and Wikipedia to be sure, and then I laughed. I’m not sadistic or anything, I just have a rather sardonic sense of humour. I read PapareBoy’s tweet about how he cried when they played an MJ song over the radio, if I was old enough when Kurt Cobain passed away, I would’ve done the same. Got onto FB and there were just too many people jumping onto the bandwagon, but it wasn’t like when the SL team lost the T20 cup, every one of these guys were fans. Saw that MJ wannabe dude on tv sobbing about how he doesn’t have any goals anymore. I have a feeling he’ll be flying over for the funeral. I watched the video to Earth Song once again, and I felt chills like the first time I heard it, but I’m not sad he’s gone.

Oh well, he managed to be more popular than Elvis.
He wrote a lot of great songs, for himself and others.
He touched a lot of people, some in the wrong way.
He did a lot of shit to his skin, but it was really just the nose that was fucked up.

Life isn’t a popularity contest, though.
And I doubt hell is either.
Kinda feel sorry for him.
But oh well, he said it himself:

“I’m bad” 😛

he managed to be more popular than Elvis
13 Responses to “So, about MJ…”
  1. Cara says:

    This someone saying “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” was Neil Young, btw. 😛
    Another artist who characterized music over decades in many ways.
    Yesterday Stephen Fry put it in very simple words :

    Respect – that’s what it’s all about.
    (Quoting someone else – and I fully agree *smile)

    “Earth Song” is my favorite, too.

  2. black says:

    *ooh boy just touch my body
    OOPS i mean GIRL! girl girl girl –
    cz u know ur my world!* hehe. 🙂
    he was awesome – i still think he’s a big freak – but the man was a legend. no doubt.

  3. Join the club that has an MJ liner as a closing comment 🙂

    Couldn’t help laughing at the way you ended this post!

  4. Aww that’s too strong for him! I hope he’s peacefully at rest in heaven. I don’t believe he was a paedophile! He was misunderstood and had an innocent love for children. He was also acquitted of charges with regards to the cancer stricken 13 year old – Jordan who accused him. I always remember him as an icon : (
    I guess that’s what growing up with his music does to a person 🙂 makes them take sides staunchly on comments like these 🙂
    (I was a late 70s kid)

  5. and once again .. good work with the songs! You’re good at it!

  6. Oh we’re online at the same time.. hehe
    True… nothing we can do about it now.
    Cool! We’re a good 15 years apart (probably)!!

  7. Check our “Dirt” – an album by Alice in Chains. Very dark and mournful rock!

    • St. Fallen says:

      I have that one (:
      I wanna do a cover of Nutshell
      but I don’t have a grunge-ish voice 😦
      yes, we are online at the same time 😛
      I’m born in ’91… you?

  8. Oops.. Sorry St. Fallen I meant to comment on “Dirt” and ened up posting it on the MJ one.

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