God Is On Dialog

I saw the weirdest thing on a bus tonight…

Right across the back, in big ass lettering, it read:


My immediate reaction:

HOLY FUCK! So that’s where all those missed calls came from? :O

And it suddenly occured to me, and everything began to make sense.
It was… like a … revelation! Like Moses’ burning bush, or Muhammed’s rendezvous in the cave… a little light came on above my head, just between the horns, and in the middle of my plastic halo.

And just what was this revelation?

You know all those strange calls you get where you just hear a breathy voice murmuring some shit?

Well that’s God!

I know… it’s hard to believe at first, but when you think about it… it all makes sense O_o o_O o_o O_O

Oh and if you want God’s number it’s 0777777777.

Yeah, God is on Dialog, who’d have thunk, eh?
I’m sure Jerry was told in church that God was on Airtel, only Jerry would fall for such a scam. Everyone knows God goes for “the future, today”. Hell, God knew the future yesterday!

If you’re having issues contacting God, well that just means you’re not cool enough. God doesn’t listen to every single one of you, losers. It’s only the priviledged that get through to Him, and aren’t greeted by the “the number you called is not in use” bullshit. So hah! Losers.

And something else I noticed tonight, this time it was on the back of a van:

Don’t Kiss Me…

Like I’d really wanna make out with a van?
Seriously, who does this guy think I am? Papareboy? :S

It was kind of funny though, to think he actually expected me to go park my lips on his Serena ass. Hah! As if.

Fools I tell you, I even saw one woman proudly proclaiming she had a “Baby On Board”. Is that supposed to be a warning that a pregnant woman is driving? Faaark… I wouldn’t wanna be behind that vehicle! Man, if her water burst, or that little bastard started kicking from inside, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE ON GALLE ROAD!

Bleurgh… Women drivers… *shudder*

Anyways, that’s all for today fools.
Also, if you get a call from 0777666666, DON’T ANSWER!
And don’t call that number either… bad things happen to good people.


23 Responses to “God Is On Dialog”
  1. Cadence says:

    Women drivers are good okai! 😛


  2. Delilah says:

    lol :)especially at the thought of pani bunis making out with a dirty van 🙂

  3. Chavie says:

    “he actually expected me to go park my lips on his Serena ass” HAHAHA 😀

  4. Angel says:

    You twit!!! ROTFL!

  5. Gehan says:


    brilliant… esp the ‘baby on board’ bit.. never did i think of it like that.. 😀

  6. vendetta on signs i see. fun read though. 😀 oh and btw remember what i said about no license no opinion?! 😛

  7. lady divine says:

    some woman drivers are good okay! 😀

  8. “Like I’d really wanna make out with a van?”

    Hmmmmm, interestin dat I actually touched on this very subject in my last blog post. Did u get a look at what dat person driving looked like?
    So…. These things ARE real!!!

  9. black says:

    lol – funny shit!
    ‘don’t kiss me’. WTF? 😀

  10. sabbyaz says:

    Funnee! =)

  11. I would just like to point out that the same way that you shudder at women drivers – there are some male drivers who clearly do not know how to operate a car and should stick to public transport! 😛

  12. dylan` says:

    those stickers people put on the back of those cars are just the bane maan
    “jesus loves you”, “sapumal puthaa”, wtf…
    anyways. awesome post man x)

  13. St. Fallen says:

    dude, I saw one today on the back of a trishaw.
    It said: JESUS IS ALIVE.
    ZOMG! :O
    I’m gonna make one that says JESUS IS A LIE 😛

  14. javajones says:

    Since Jesus is very much around here – there’s one sign on the boundary wall of a Church I saw that said “Jesus is coming”. The store next door with a Coca Cola ad outside very cleverly put up their own sign that said “Have a Coke while you wait”!

  15. St. Fallen says:

    I want to print “Jesus is coming, open your mouth” on a t shirt 😀

    A friend of mine’s got a t shirt that says “Please Jesus, save me from your followers” xD

  16. Ooooo….Kaaayyy!
    LMAO! Good one!

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