Headless Buddha

© Dan Murphy

err… wtf!?!

Yeah, that Buddha is missing a head, and the other one’s dreading the day his head gets chopped off. It’s a tough life, if you’re a Buddha… statue 😛

The first time I noticed these I thought they were just little statues that had fallen apart, but then I came across this little shrine under a tree, with a dozen statues strewn across. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAD BEEN BEHEADED, save for the main one in the shrine. WTF!?! :/

Are there people who go after Buddha statues in the middle of the night? Or maybe it’s part of some kinda black magic ritual? DO THEY USE BUDDHA STATUES AS VOODOO DOLLS!?! O_o

I inquired some “devout” Buddhists (the kind that send their kids to Visakha), and someone said something about some jewels inside the heads. I doubt that’s true, and I’m sure more people would know about it and there wouldn’t be heads on ANY Buddha statues if it were true 😛

As myself and my brother marvelled at the headless Buddha’s I noticed some of their heads were still around, not on their necks, but on the ground. One was comically placed in the lap of the Buddha, right in his hands… ouch!

I took a picture, but my PC is bust so I can’t access it, will post when I get it though. Seriously though, WTF? WHY would anyone do that? As a Muslim we’re told not to worship statues and idols, but I don’t recall instructions to destroy or decapitate statues, that’s just… fucked up :/

Here’s what I found via Google:

Most of the Buddha statues were methodically decapitated either by Hindus, hundreds of years ago when the Kings insisted on changing the state religion every few years, or the Khmer Rouge.

Apparently this phenomenon isn’t limited to Sri Lanka.

Anyways, what do you make of it?

29 Responses to “Headless Buddha”
  1. Shit that’s almost like those crazy Taliban freaks who blew up all those Buddha statues in Afghanistan! But i guess it makes a bit more sense if u actually get a pearl or diamond 4 ur hard work…

  2. Ive seen plenty.Some think the statues have treasure inside bcos noone expects anyone in their right mind to break a Buddha statue. But I really dont approve of it even if there is something stuffed inside (dont approve of stuffing things in the statue in the first place either) Buddha statues, Christ statues, etc.. i.e. religious iconography should be left in peace. Its someones beleifs you mess with. Thats not nice, not nice @ all. Very low.

    • cutiepie says:

      My mom used to collect buddah statues jus bcus she liked them,but we did not worship them…we r christions. but my bfs dad came over once and seen them and he said they r filled with eveil and tht its shameful to our lord JESUS CHRIST aand tht they bring bad luck so we took all of them out on our patio and smached them to rid the evil from our house. we were not sure of this until after we did it. We seen some scary creatures inside of these statues..pigs, monkeys, babys heads, snakes and jus stuff tht re-ssuered us tht we were doin the right thing…i suggest as a CHRISTION to do the same thing…

      • Eddie says:

        Are you sure about the creatures in the Buddha statue or are u just being disrespectful about other religions…

  3. chathuraw says:

    I’ve seen a lot of these two. I never thought there was a reason behind breaking them. Just thought they get broken and left like that because they can’t really be thrown away into the trash. I’ve seen a couple of small Christ statues with their heads broken behind a Church too.

  4. Chavie says:

    It’s physics really… the neck is the most fragile portion of a statue, and since we don’t make Buddha statues like we used to (with limestone and such) it just comes off even after a minor fall…

    But Dili’s right… if people are intentionally destroying them then it’s indeed very bad… 😕

  5. Dude arms and heads are nothing. A few years back there was this treasure hunting epidemic whr people wud just go into centuries old temples and hack the statues and wall with crowbars and pickaxes. All that ancient relics and artifact gone. Massive holes in the middle of statues right thru the heart. Sad.

    The treasure theory isnt entirely invalid. In the days of the kings it was customary to add precious metals and jewels with the relics before they were enshrined in Stupas.

  6. Rannelee says:

    for them to keep in a shrine is just a way of paying respect to the statue that was once worshipped. Apparently lay people are not suppose to discard a Buddha statue but to go and place it in a temple. And how is this seemed as a way of paying respect is a question. Just like everything else. People just do things cuz somebody told them to, meaningless really..

  7. PseudoRandom says:

    I’ve heard all the explanations given here – broken statues being left at the temple (instead of going in the bin) and treasure hunters hoping for jewels. And when you consider the fact that there are people who dig up graves looking for jewellery, hacking a statue (regardless of what it represents) isn’t that unlikely, no?

  8. Rehani says:

    Yay.. A God who couldn’t save his own head let alone saving his creations. I love the way you mock them. Subtle, diplomatic, cunning yet effective & offensive.

    Might wanna see my post here.


    I know our self righteous blogsphere will not like this. But who cares? I couldn’t stop laughing at the pictures, why couldn’t Buddha save himself from such attacks? OR was he just being kind as usual? No waaaiiiiit I think Buddha was fast asleep when this happened? LMAO !

    On a related note, Prophet Mohamed did order to destroy statues in his time. Refer http://www.irf.net or Dr.Zakir Naik’s lectures. And statues were destroyed during prophet’s time. That is still relevant & applicable. Talibans destroyed the massive structure in Afghanistan having consulted many scholars. So don’t worry 🙂

  9. Thackshila says:

    U say u saw them near a shrine right? and u say the pile seems to be getting bigger?? well, most of the time what happens is, when a statue breaks, ppl don’t know what to do with it!! obviously u don’t feel like throwing it to the bin… its hard to think where to dump them… so what ppl usually do is either throw them to a river or just leave it by a shrine or a Bo tree… simply coz they don’t know what to do with the broken statues.. 🙂

  10. Dee says:

    Yea i agree with Thakshila. usually ppl bring statues to temples when it breaks/ gets old whatever. usually these smaller reproductions don’t have anything valuable inside it. but the older temples do. also important to note, revering a statue is not part of the philosophy. it’s just a way of showing gratitude. you can perfectly follow Buddhism by never visiting a temple or keeping flowers ect to a statue. 🙂 Also going to Visakha does not make you a devout Buddhist hehe… it’s all in the heart my man. 🙂 hugz

  11. No offence but Ive seen such headless statues close to canals and rubbish dumps.

    Why do people throw them statues after worshipping it?????

  12. lady divine says:

    usually when Buddha statues break at home, what we do it keep it at the temple coz we never throw them away.. they’re usually placed near Bo trees and all..

  13. Sigma Delta says:

    Chavie and DL are probably closer to the truth than anyone else – the buried treasure theory really applies to old statues, not the little one’s that St Fallen is referring to. And Rehani, I really dont think a statue is anything more or less than just that, its certainly no God

  14. tinker says:

    guys, got to agree you on most of the things but i think Dee is dead right about the rational behind the damaged Buddha statues..
    normally when household statues get damaged or old people simply place them on temple grounds, just so that they can get away by not throwing it at home!!! and then the monks or temple caretakers do it for them!!!
    that’s about it…but of course these is also the unspoken practice of ‘beheading’ Buddha statues … that’s continued even today , especially in Eastern SL…that more for political-religious reasons..as for Treasure hunting, its most done on more larger older statues that were built during the ancient times..and doesn’t apply to modern day statues..as they contain no item of value..
    for Buddhists the statue is just a pointer or a idem to rekindle the teachings..not a item of worship as it is..
    i live close to a temple and see few broken Buddha statues placed next to shrine room or Bo-Tree parapet ,almost daily and are removed by the priests.. i see no hidden conspiracy behind that but of course like i said before…there is also the systematic ‘erasing’ or removal of signs of former Buddhist places of worship from Muslim majority areas in East,especially Pottuvil/Panama/Batti stretch..

  15. N B says:

    On an unrelated note, I think Gehan (the backside headless) got his inspiration from these headless statues. He lives in Kandy, the land of Buddha !!!!!!! LOL 🙂

    Now see what a headless statue can do to an engineer? 🙂 It makes you also headless 🙂

    No offence to Buddhists around, but i could only think of our celebrity headless music maestro 🙂

  16. N B says:

    And all the Anonymous headless people too 🙂 Are they all Buddhist BTW? 🙂
    Headless statues, Anonymous bloggers, Split personalities, Pseudonyms…. Way to go Silly Lanka 🙂

  17. lol says:

    @NB: not to mention ‘headless’ people who pretend to be girls! 😛

  18. N B says:

    @ LoL,

    Yes Anon Machang, like you may be 🙂 People who know me know i have my balls, too bad you didn’t know it 🙂

  19. ANAMALU IMTIAZ says:

    itz my work…i really want to hav sex with our bohri bitch Rehani….mmmmmm sexxy
    pleez call me i’m in maligawatte these days

  20. ..oh well…i really could careless…but nice post nyways, stirring up a good thread..lol

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