Yellow, Orange, and Red

I wrote a short story a couple days back as a submission for my literature class. I got a B+ grade on it and the professor got me to read it to the class, and then had them discuss it, felt kinda weird. Thought I’d share it with you all. Don’t know where the inspiration came from, just sort of… popped in.

The Gift

“Yellow, orange and red!” he chanted as he was wrapping his mother’s gift, they happened to be her favorite colors. It was Mother’s birthday and he had been planning her gift for weeks. He wanted it to be perfect.

He was always fond of Mother, as she had been of him. She didn’t have anymore children because he was enough for her, that’s what she told him. They shared a bond that his father was envious of, but he was seldom at home anyway. This time around Father would not be able to make it for Mother’s birthday, so it was just Mother and Son on that fateful night.

Damien had been scavenging the whole town looking for items to add to his gift. “Yellow, orange and red” he pronounced as he passed every shop. His father had given him plenty of money to spend on the gift as he had felt guilty. So Damien decided he would get his mother an extravagant gift to make up for his father’s absence. He was thoughtful like that.

“Yellow, orange and red” he repeated whilst picking flowers from the gardens of random homes as he scanned through the town. He made sure he had equal amounts of every color as Mother loved them equally so. “Yellow, orange and red” he recited once again as he bought ribbon in each color to tie the flowers together. “Yellow, orange, and red” he sang, picking colored paper to wrap the flowers with.

He wasn’t going to wrap all the flowers, though. Damien was a clever child, and he wanted something more exciting for Mother. So he made a springboard inside a gift box, much like those in a Jack In The Box, except there would be flowers and colorful confetti inside. He chopped up the flowers, leaving only the soft, colored petals inside, along with the confetti he had made out of the colored paper. “Yellow, orange and red” he said, as he made the final touches.

Mother was preparing a special dinner that night, all Damien’s favorite foods. She had just turned the gas on and was about to light the fire when Damien called for her. She left in a hurry, leaving the cooker unattended, unlit. “Yellow, orange and red” Damien thought to himself in his head, as Mother helped him change his clothes. They had planned to go out for a movie after dinner. After he was done getting dressed he asked Mother to leave the room so he could take out her present. She was excited at the thought of her gift and did as she was told, wondering what it could be as she made her way back to the kitchen.

Damien was at the dinner table with her present, playing with the latch of the gift box when it happened.

There was no sound he could remember, only a bright flash of light and the colors that consumed the kitchen door. His finger unlatched the gift box, springing out Mother’s favorite colors across the room, colors that had already filled his eyes. “Yellow, orange and red” the words echoed in his head, as the kitchen burst into flames and the brightly colored flowers and confetti flew into the air, some of them reaching the kitchen and catching fire, floating like fireflies, then falling as ashes onto the floor. There was no sound he could remember, only the colors that consumed the kitchen door – yellow, orange and red.

Red-Orange-Yellow by ~Magical-Night

Red-Orange-Yellow by ~Magical-Night

9 Responses to “Yellow, Orange, and Red”
  1. sabbyaz says:

    I like.
    Very interesting plot.

  2. Cadence says:

    Nice piece of writing

  3. Rannelee says:

    Damien??? nice !!! the story is very nice !!! do these more..

  4. PseudoRandom says:

    As I said earlier, I love the significance…the colours, the kid’s name…
    There is an element of “Ooh it’s too short, I wanna know what happens next! What does the kid do? How does his father react? etc. etc.”, but I think that works as a short story.

  5. Mate, for me the game was up asa I read “She left in a hurry, leaving the cooker unattended, unlit.” U had already done the yellow,orange,red thing enough before to make the endin obvious innit?
    Writin seems decent but normally ur blog posts are higher quality than this to be honest!!

  6. Angel says:

    Mmmmmm… very nice…

  7. That Girl says:

    you rock my world!

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