Talking To God

This article here made me think of my beliefs, and I realized that I haven’t really posted on them recently. If you have an open mind and you’re not easily offended, you should definitely read it, it’s a fictional piece, but quite thought provoking. There isn’t much that I agree with, but this particular article here has a lot of valid points. I think everyone should read it.

Now, coming to my own beliefs, I believe in God. But not in the same way as you do, and not just because I want to be different, it’s just how it is. I was raised Muslim, and took to the usual practices of fasting and prayers etc. There was a time when I would pray all five times, and make up for the ones I missed. There was a time when I’d seek God’s help for all my troubles. There was a time when I’d burst into tears after praying, kneeling down on the floor, begging for forgiveness, searching for a way out. But that time is no more, I hardly do any of that anymore.

I’m not an atheist, by any means, I believe in SOME superior force, I just like to call it God. But what is God? Is it really a separate being? Or is it just us?

I believe God is simply a way of perceiving ourselves on a grand scale. God is simply a way of looking at all of us at once, as one collective whole, one collective consciousness, just… One. What if that is all we are? Just one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and selectively? Bill Hicks, a comedian, said that. It doesn’t sound very laughable to me, comedians are usually the ones who understand best. It’s only because they understand that they can laugh at it, it’s only because we don’t understand that we argue.

So what if God is just one consciousness, pretending to be a man, woman, boy, girl, cat, dog, tree, or ant? What if the universe is simply God’s playground? The sun, the stars, the moon, all just playthings? What if God is in a bullet, a grenade, or a nuclear warhead? What if God is in the rain, the sky, the sea? If God is everywhere, why can’t this be?

We as humans clearly haven’t grasped the concept of God well enough, because if we had, we would have all agreed on it by now, and had a laugh over it. But then again, there are a lot of stupid people. Actually, when you think about it, the majority is always stupid. So why is it that we always go by the majority vote? It is only a select few, a minority that is intelligent. They are the ones that lead, that revolutionize, that invent, and discover. And yet, they must rely on the majority’s consensus. What does that say about us?

If God really is a separate entity he must be laughing his ass off. Here we are, the blind leading the blind, stumbling into shit, falling on our faces, trying to please this God, so he’ll allow us into his Kingdom. Why would he want idiots fumbling about in his Kingdom? If he did choose any of us, would he take the most virtuous, or the most intelligent? Don’t you think God would want an intelligent conversation? A challenge perhaps? Not just some fool stuck to his feet all the time. What reason does God have to love? Or to love unconditionally, even? Fine, so he created us, and you love what you create. But what if your creation goes against your will, and destroys itself? Can you still feel love for such a thing? Or just regret?

I don’t know much about love, and I don’t know much about God, but I know what I believe. We are all one, as much as you might think that you are different, unique, or “special”, you’re not. You are just one perception, one way of seeing things, just an actor on a stage reading out your lines, except you don’t see the script, but you play along, the lines come naturally. And I am the same. And God? Well, we already discussed that didn’t we. God is me. God is you. God is us. God is them. God is everywhere. God is everything.

25 Responses to “Talking To God”
  1. Jerry says:

    I remember “God is in the rain” from V for Vendetta. Still not sure what that means.

  2. God DID say this..

    “know that the life of this world is only play and amusement and decieving enjoyment..”

    Indeed He is Everywhere.

  3. Nice one…
    Check this out too-

    Interested to know ur take

  4. Rehani says:

    Shame on you Salman Rushdie. Delete this and back the fuck off you perv fuckwit. Idiots like you are a curse. Go pray now, hopefully Allah will forgive you. delete before it turns ugly.

  5. Yeps. A muslim!

    Btw, look up for it in Sorah 57:20th verse.

  6. frizchriz says:

    dude, the first link. woah.
    i was quite suprised when i stumbled on this on your blog cuz just yesterday i was reading stuff about atheism and wrote a post about it, didnt post it yet though.
    you mind if i borrow the links? ill credit you:)

  7. Tee says:

    Read, Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion.
    You’ll love it…. i think 🙂

  8. Tee says:

    i use to. a photo blog though, not much into writting, just like reading.
    Very much into taking pictures and drawing, just dont have the time for it anymore 😦

  9. Tee says:

    whoa. really nice 🙂 i like lights out better though, properly cos the contrast,
    comparing with plain tea. i took mine down, i couldn’t stand to look at it anymore cos i didnt have time to update it and stuff, but i will start one soon (hopefully)
    and i have the god delusion, wish i had a way to give it to you…

  10. Tee says:

    will do!
    and i’ll keep in touch through your blog 😉
    btw, check this site out:
    His photography is more than amazing. Enjoy.

  11. eXon says:

    I have the “Dilusion”. If you want it I’ll lend it to you. IMO, the problem with people is that they’re so arrogant and self centered as to believe that God owes them something, that God owes them happiness, that it’s God’s duty to make everything all right in the end.

  12. Mon says:

    I was baptised in Philippine Independent Church, but i chose to practice Roman Catholicism instead. although since i was 2 years old up to when I was in sophomore high (I was 14) i took weekly bible studies with the jehovah’s witnesses.

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