Stupidity: As Seen On TV


Seriously, who the hell falls for this shit!?! :S

I remember growing up with these ads on TV, some of them would leave me in wonderment, some would just seem downright stupid! I mean, seriously, remember that Aunty Audrey’s kitchen utensils shit? Those boxes and stuff you were supposed to put your food in? How fucking retarded!?! My dad actually bought that -_-

And then the whole stream of fitness products, dear lord. I remember Teleseen Marketing trying to sell some weird as treadmill replacement thing, some glider thing, it was on TV for fucking AGES!!! And then there was the Ab Roller or some shit. For fucks sake! Who believes that crap? I know so many people who bought that crap and saw no results, and it wound up lying somewhere in there house, rusting. I know cause my dad bought the Timeworks thing -_-

And don’t forget the miracle pills! For the love of all things sane… Anyone who buys this shit should be shot dead, after being hung upside down over a pool of crocodiles, and then fed to them :/   Seriously? Reduce Fat Fast? and then that hair fall shit? COME ON PEOPLE! WAKE THE FUCK UP! Not everything you see on TV is real, for fucks sake, MOST of it is bullshit, save for the news, which is also fabricated to some degree. Sigh…

Then there’s the various other equally retarded products, Slim & Lift, TOBi, Touch-ups, most of which don’t even work, or work for a while and then just stop. Okay, I’ll admit, SOME of these actually do their job. The Fat Free Express, for example, works. I still use it, it does everything they said it would… EXCEPT! Save for one thing, it takes forever to make fries… and they don’t really taste that good without fat :/  But that’s about it, the Timeworks is rusting somewhere in the house, and everything else is either lost or lying around somewhere. The latest addition was the Ab Rocket, no one uses it, it’s just there. Why is my dad so gullible? Sheesh… WHY IS ANYONE SO GULLIBLE!?!

Are we really that desperate? To lose a few pounds, to grow back our hair, to get into shape, get rid of unwanted hair, la di fucking da. Or is it just the power of TV? You know that hypnotizing effect it has on you when you’re on it for like a whole fucking day? Or is it just human stupidity? We are indeed naive, stupid, dumb, motherfucking, morons… and this shit just serves as proof.


15 Responses to “Stupidity: As Seen On TV”
  1. That girl says:

    Its half an hour of brainwashing.

    Anti-Audrey is a Cyborg with a hypno-ray.

    Marketing. Don’t fight it.

  2. TheWhacksteR says:

    in the case of exercise equipment, its mostly the users lack of interest that causes it to lie about unused.

  3. Dee says:

    i bought the reduce fat fast pills :: DONT KEEEL MEEEE….

    and i never used it.

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  4. Most often the exercise stuff does work, it’s just the buyers don’t have the willpower to use them consistently…

  5. Big Naanaa says:

    Dear Imaad Malla, Suggest you slow down a bit. Your age is such. Don’t forget you could very well be sued for this. Serious. Amounts to defamation. Businesses exist to profit, marketing helps in the process of money making. People buy products because they are useful to them in some ways. If you don’t like a particular product, simply stop buying it. Don’t get into unnecessary controversy at your age blogging about headless buddha, atheism whilst being muslim, talking to god and now this… A look at your wordle suggests you are fond of FUCKING. Bad word, Daddy won’t be pleased. Suggest you look at yourself, slow down.. Life is beautiful Malla, Live it. No controversial topics hereafter.

    Someone who cares.

  6. Angel says:

    The fat free express works? No kidding!

    Looks like your post did some advertising as well as defamation! 🙂

  7. Haha good times… when you’re waiting for a program & this shit just pops up. All those perky white people dancing around & demonstrating the products like it’s all they know to do.
    Well, it probably is.
    Very enlightening, Fallen. I thank you. 😀

  8. Chavie says:

    lol, the only thing we ever bought was a ‘magic bullet’… what can I say, it works like magic! 😉

  9. Ad Guru says:

    Any relative of NB? Why is it dat all U muslim buggers thrash d ad industry on blogsphere? looks like U R following NB’s controversial path. Jesus, headless buddha, Ads, wots d matter dude?

  10. Mon says:

    i love the no cook pots that they used to sell in shopping tv. man, i was so in love with shopping channels way back

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