The Weekend

… as far as I can remember at least, was awesome. 😀

Friday was my last day at college for the semester, I just had one final exam to complete. It was the Physics paper, and I was completely unprepared. I haven’t copied so much in my life. Not a single number on that paper was my own. But I feel no shame, I’ve already studied all that shit before anyway!

I met up with Jerry later on at Liberty and we then headed to Barista at Thumbulla. Dinidu and PapareBoy were there, and Ding’s camera. We had to make it through 3 hours of Dinidu explaining all the intricacies of his Nikon to Papare, who probably forgot most of it, evident after his little accident at Buba. So after that we went outside and decided to finish off Dinidu’s cigarettes. He smokes Dunhill Lights. Faggots smoke Dunhill. Posh people smoke lights. Dinidu is a posh faggot. My reasoning is unquestionable.

Dinidu was then picked up by his mommy, and we headed off in search of dinner. We tried calling The Whackster but he wouldn’t pick up. We then spotted his car at the Bambalapitiya junction. We thought he was having an affair with someone who lived there, but it turned out he was at the mosque. We found a place to eat, it’s called EATMORE Restaurant. They advertised their Brain Masala, we were all tempted, but didn’t have enough cash to buy it. Damn.

Instead we had “Chicken Pratha’s”, which we thought would be paratha’s, but was actually more like chapathi. It was good! Really. Whacko had the chicken fried rice instead, which is probably the best chicken fried rice in Bamba! The price is a little more than the usual, but 220/- for a filling meal is not too bad. Once we were done we headed over to Queen’s to play some pool, Jelly was all excited as he had picked up the game only a week ago with Whacko.

We split into teams, me and Whacko versus Jelly Belly and PapareBoy. We ruled.

I mean, it’s not even worth talking about. Papare was good, no doubt, but the Whackster was better, and I was wearing my lucky underwear, so I was awesome too! I don’t know what it is about pink elephants, they seem to bring me luck, I love these boxers! I was scoring like I’ve never done before. The most ridiculous shots went in, even to my amazement! We won all three games, with me scoring the winning shot in the first two. PapareBoy and Jelly actually resorted to foul play at one point when they suddenly burst into laughter after dropping three balls onto the table. We still won. Losers.

Up next was foosball! Man, I love that game! We kept switching teams, and I don’t think there’s any consensus on who was awesome at the game. But I think we can all agree that PapareBoy sucks, like big time. Oh well, it was still fun, though it got kinda draggy towards the end, but no one complained! 😀

Unsilent came by whilst we were playing pool, but he was stoned so couldn’t really play. He then left us to go meet his “real friends”. 20 minutes later I check Twitter and see his status says “my real friends are imaginary”. Poor poor Unsilent.

Saturday was Hot Dogs and Cupcakes day, so we all met up at MC and headed to Galle Face Hotel. It was Pavithri, Pavi’s cousin, me, Sabby, Sabby’s bro, Rannelee, Dili and Anajanah. We hung out at Hotshots first and then decided to head over to GFH when everyone had come. Jelly Belly had woken up late so he only got there when we were about to leave, same thing happened to Unsilent. At least Unsilent got some food, all Jelly got was cupcakes. Haha.

The hot dogs were good! I don’t know how much you can really say about hot dogs, but these ones really were foot-long. Try out the BBQ hot dogs when you get the chance! The milkshake was… meh. The cupcakes were… a little dry, but huge nevertheless! 😀

We all crammed into Unsilent’s SUV and headed back to MC to catch Monster’s vs. Aliens. 10 of us in one vehicle, yeah, it was crowded. Me and Sabby’s bro sat in the trunk, at least we didn’t have to sit on laps. They started taking videos and doing stupid shit. If you’ve got any of us on Facebook you can see what that’s all about. Bloody retards.

HisP-ness and the Whackster arrived at Hotshots just before the movie. We were playing pool and Rannelee was trying to convince us that she was awesome at the game. Epic Fail.

I didn’t really want to watch the movie, I’m not really fond of kiddies movies, but Whacko bought me a ticket, so I had to. Bloody sadistic bastard, I thought, but as the movie started I took it back, I actually enjoyed it! It wasn’t awesome, or amazing or anything, and we weren’t stoned either. But I think I speak for everyone when I say we all had a good time.

Pavi and her cousin had to leave then, because some girls were killed in Battaramulla or some place, and they were clearly next on the list. Dili and Anajanah left us at this point too, spoilsports. So we trekked up to EATMORE again, and had chicken pratha’s and fried rice. We played the silence game again, and during the game played some music, with toothpicks, forks, and glasses. It actually sounded kinda funky. Not as great as chiptune music, but still! Then the waiter had to come in and make it all awkward. She then left saying “if you’ll had said I wouldn’t have come in no”. Female.

Sabby’s bro lost the game, and the rule was that whoever lost had to pay. He didn’t.

Lani’s was fun. Unsilent had weed. We were stoned. We had cuttlefish and coke. It was amazing. I haven’t been that stoned in my life. I was so stoned I woke up the next day with no memory of how I got home or who dropped me. I’m serious.

HisP-ness was apparently being “expressive”, he and I were clearly the most “hit”. There’s a picture on FB of me smiling like a jackass. It’s almost scary. Jelly, PapareBoy and Unsilent had to remind me of the events of that day. Turns out they had decided to hide my slippers when we were leaving. The process of finding them wasn’t easy. I had to look under every single chair until they told me where it was. Assholes.

Anyways, turns out Unsilent had dropped me home and we were listening to awesome hard rock music on the way. He says I was headbanging, I recall no such thing. I don’t even remember walking home or getting into the house. OMG… what if… I did something? 😐

Sunday was… hmm… what DID we do on Sunday?

Oh yeah! I did my usual Sunday thing, headed over to the Kinross Swimming club. After a dip in the sea I got into the pool for a few lengths. I felt exhausted as hell, must have been the weed. Afterwards I had cuttlefish and fried fish as usual, all to myself! Oh and Apple Soda of course, I’ve been having a lot of that lately. Life is good.

We all met up again at Buba that evening. I brought Giblet along, after having air pumped into him. Sabby, her bro, Jelly and HijinxD were already there when Papare and I had arrived. Unsilent was next and soon we were challenged by teenagers to a game of tap. We accepted and prepped ourselves up. Giblet was excited.

It turned out they had their own ball, so we had to leave Giblet behind. Will he ever forgive us?

We sucked. It was two teams of 5 and their team suddenly filled up with people who liked like they ate rugger balls for breakfast! We were losing miserably, with not even a single try on our side. But then came Whacko and RealSkullZero to the rescue!

They didn’t help much, though. It wasn’t until we put Giblet into the game that we actually scored. Ah, what would we do without Giblet?

After exhausting ourselves we all headed off again, but not before dumping PapareBoy into the sand. And then the sea. Unsilent joined the bandwagon of PapareBoy’s mom jokes. I had said something and Papare was like ” what’s your point?” or something and Unsilent said “everyone’s got a point when your mom’s around” and we all cracked up in laughter. Except for Papare.

Watching him being carried and thrown out to sea was probably one of the most memorable sights of my life. Unsilent took a picture. Bless his soul.

PapareBoy at sea.

PapareBoy at sea.

14 Responses to “The Weekend”
  1. The Unsilent says:

    Haha dude good post.. loved this line

    ‘Pavi and her cousin had to leave then, because some girls were killed in Battaramulla or some place, and they were clearly next on the list.’ 😀

    and u know the funny thing i got your msg telling me to send the pic as i was reading this line..

    ‘Watching him being carried and thrown out to sea was probably one of the most memorable sights of my life. Unsilent took a picture. Bless his soul.’

    I’m super cereal!! What a coincidence!

  2. Chavie says:

    “He smokes Dunhill Lights. Faggots smoke Dunhill. Posh people smoke lights. Dinidu is a posh faggot.” HAHAHA! 😀 great post! totally pwns Jerry’s one! 😉

  3. Rannelee says:

    I was good, back in the days, guess have lost the touch 😦

    will beat ya all one day

  4. Paparé Boy says:


    You conveniently forgot the part where I put sand in Jerry’s ass.

  5. Jerry says:

    Fallen pwned one of my posts. Finally.


  6. Jerry says:

    ROFL 😀

  7. Makuluwo says:

    Hahaha! DAMMIT I missed it all, PapareBoy told me you guys were meeting up this weekend, I was out of town instead! Wah!

  8. Chavie says:

    LMAO at the pic btw! 😀

  9. lol..Chiptune music rocks!

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