The Poetry Project

I was tweeting some poetry when this idea came to me. Different people reading a line each of a poem, and recording that and piecing it together into one track. So I started writing something, it’s not that great though, I’ll probably get Whackster to help me with it, any volunteers are welcome.

So if you’re interested in participating just let me know by commenting, you will each be assigned a line based on your voice. Once it’s done you guys can post it on your blog or do whatever, I’ll be posting it here in any case.

Here’s the poem so far:

That girl in the store that flung her hair.

That woman on the street with nothing to eat.

That man in a chair who’s got no feet.

That boy on his knees begging not to be beat.

That smile on her face that only time could erase.

That child in his eyes that he can’t disguise.

That shadow on the floor that you try to ignore.

That voice behind the door that you pretend you don’t know.

That sound in your ears that brought you to tears.

That taste on your lips all that’s left of his kiss.

That smell in the air that tells you he’s there.

That feeling inside that you wish you could hide.

That star in the sky that you wished upon that night.

That stain on the sheet that refuses to leave.

That lie you told that with time has grown old.

That call from home that you chose to ignore.

That time we had fun that day in the sun.

That fire in your heart that began as a spark.

That scene in your head that you’ve grown to hate.

That heart that broke and fell apart; that soul that flew away.

That child that was born through the life of his mother.

That widow’s silent cry that you only hear at night.

That love you lost that you always thought was lust.

That temple in your mind that you run to when you’re blind.

That feeling of peace that keeps you at ease.

That wall that you built to keep away the guilt.

That warmth in your eyes that helped break the ice.

That shit you stepped on that gave out a smell.

That fruit so sweet that we were forbidden to eat.

That night when the thunderer was held at bay; and the moon that conquered the restricted skies

It’s not complete, and the end result might look completely different. For one thing the order will have to be changed, it needs proper structuring. Anyways, I’ll take care of that. What I need is your support with the voices and recordings. Leave a comment if you’re interested. Thanks in advance.

Okay update!

Decided to let you guys in on the writing process as well. The rules are pretty simple. Just one line which should start with “That” and have a “that” in the middle, and the second word has to be unique. It should rhyme within itself but not necessarily with any of the other lines, as I want each line to be distinct, as that helps bring out each character. Once you write a line just leave it as a comment and I’ll add it into the post. Thanks again!

28 Responses to “The Poetry Project”
  1. Willing volunteer right here! 😀

  2. `dylan says:

    “that child that was born, while his ma passed away”
    that is all that i can think of, i hope that is okay?

  3. “That shadow on the floor that you try to ignore.”
    iLike that!

  4. Dee says:

    That touch you felt that made you melt?

  5. aufidius says:

    cool! count me in!

  6. PseudoRandom says:

    Yeah go on then 🙂 You know what I sound like…give me a line.

  7. Jerry says:

    ‘That love you lost that you thought was just lust’

    ‘That gospel you trusted that made you a musket’ 😀

    ‘That temple in your mind that you run to when you are blind’

    ‘That wave of the flag that made your peers call you fag’

    No, I’m not suddenly into poetry. It rhymed. And sounded neato.

  8. The project sounds neat, would love to help out 🙂

  9. lady divine says:

    Very very nice

    – That darkness which creeps that blinds you from everything else
    – That ray of hope that uplifts your soul
    – That overwhelming fear that darkens your soul
    – That simple smile that shines like a brightest glow

    Man, I think I can go on!

    I like this..:)

  10. lady divine says:

    That simple smile that shines like the brightest glow*

  11. The Unsilent says:

    cool idea!

    The glow in your smile that faded with time
    The warm embrace that we are forced to fake
    The feeling of peace that keeps you at ease
    The walls that we built to keep away the guilt
    The joint that we smoked, the weed that made us choke
    The warmth in your eyes that helped to break the ice
    The failed attempts to fly that eventually got us high

  12. TheWhacksteR says:

    the steeple that showed you the direction home
    the times the love never let you down
    the shit you trampled that gave out a smell
    the stories she could tell that would give me utter hell!

  13. Delilah says:

    that fruit so sweet that we were forbidden to eat

    that smoke of desire that fans a dying fire

    that rope you untied that i couldnt cut if i tried

  14. arya says:

    lemme know if you need any help! im in…:D

    that night when the thunderer was held at bay; and the moon that fought for the restricted skies….


  15. arya says:

    ill edit the last bit: and the moon that conquered the restricted skies…:)

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