Open For Submissions!

I think I’ve got enough lines now, but you can always submit more here.

Now I need you guys to choose a line, record it and send it in here:


Thank you for your cooperation and your lovely voices.
Once I’m done compiling I shall post it along with a list of participants, and you can then repost it on your blogs if you wish! Happy reading!


Progress so far:

“That night when the thunderer was held at bay; and the moon that conquered the restricted skies.” – Written and read by Arya.

“That feeling inside that you wish you could hide.” – Read by Hijinxd

“That taste on your lips all that’s left of his kiss.” – Taken by Pseud0random, yet to be submitted.

“That time we had fun, that day in the sun.” – Taken by That Girl, yet to be submitted.

“That heart that broke and fell apart; that soul that flew away.” – Written and read by Black Rose.

“That boy on his knees begging not to be beat.” – Read by Charmbracelet

“That child that was born through the life of his mother.” – Taken by The Scrump, yet to be submitted.

9 Responses to “Open For Submissions!”
  1. hijinx says:

    I’m taking line 10! 😀

  2. Gehan says:

    no guys volunteering? get jerry to do something, now that he’s discovered his poetic side.. lol…

  3. Black Rose says:

    I’m doing this cos you promised it to me 🙂 and since I sent it –

    “That heart that broke and fell apart; that soul that flew away.”

  4. I want a go! I want a go! 🙂

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