Guess Who’s Back?

Yes, I’m a drama queen.
Yes, it was an emo thing to do.
Yes, PapareBoy’s mom will blow you for free.

Can we stop with the obvious now?

So I’m back, after laying low for eons (one week), I’ve decided it’s safe to crawl back up again, like that creepy girl in The Ring crawling up her well, except no one’s gonna slam it shut and scream “I’M NOT YOUR F***ING MOTHER!”.

OMG, did I just CENSOR the F word? WOAH.

So my father knows my blog now, oh dear, I need to be careful what I post here. It’s actually one of the main reasons I had doubts about going on with the blog, since the others proved to be redundant. I had quite a laugh over the whole thing, after getting scared sh*tless, okay wait I can’t censor THAT. After getting scared shitless I realized there was no threat, and so proceeded to laugh hysterically, saying things like “that nut!”, “Neanderthal Booruwa!”, “lololol” and “PapareBoy’s mom” in between.

I just realized that I might have to cut down on PapareBoy’s mom jokes since my dad’s now reading my blog. This is no fun. Oh well, it’s only on the blog, I can deal with that. Feels good to be back! That last post got me like 500 hits on the blog that day, along with the other posts. Coolio.

Proud of myself for not deleting the blog like the last time something like this happened. Now feel proud of me! DO IT!!! And comment about how much you love this blog and how you sometimes have retarded dreams about this kinda stuff happening to you (not the whole post scandal, rather the retarded things that happen to me). And you can mention those fantasies of me if you wish, though I already know all about them. Or even the nightmares of PapareBoy’s mom. Your wish.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yes, I just posted Eminem on my blog.
No, this time it wasn’t Jerry.


15 Responses to “Guess Who’s Back?”
  1. Rannelee says:

    YOU are back.. eh?
    GOOD !!!

  2. Black Rose says:

    Wooohooo. You’re back. Welcome back kiddo. FALLEN HUG 😀

  3. Jevon says:

    All hail the return of the fallen =D

  4. darkangelruki says:

    Ahaaa….Good to have u back oh fallen one 😉

  5. Sach says:

    That’s some balls.

  6. Chavie says:

    drama queen? you think?! 😛

  7. Without my senses says:

    Non-judgemental of the fiasco, yet i feel you’d make a good politician. Such a drama queen indeed.
    Anyway, wish you trouble free blogging.

  8. Jill says:

    Ah sexy’s back. 🙂

  9. Finally! First Delilah, now you. Only the not so cynical anymore one to convince now. Yay!

  10. lady divine says:

    good to know you’re back..:)

  11. Sighs a elephant’s arse size relief.

  12. Hollah! Haha good to know you’re not THAT big a pussy 😛

    (not really)

    Yayyy you’re BACK! *HUGS*

  13. Cadence says:

    Good boy 🙂

  14. lazyowl says:

    You are a “Drama Queen”, ain’t you? he.he..
    Anyway, good to have you back, kid.

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